Cooler Than Thou

Least all here continue down the path to complete intellectual retardation, as has the lunacy that has become the 10th Congressional runoff, what are the little boys there gonna do next, compare pickup trucks and visits to Wal-Mart when they finish counting their other (guns & Bibles) toys, do NOT get me started as Broun and Whitehead are taking us perilously close to Cynthia McKinney National Laughingstock level, so here’s something cooler than you can ever hope to be as following the 10th Congressional Ultra-Bubba runoff will suck every bit of interesting from anyone, and replace it with just southern-stupid. Take it now, least you too fall prey to some Super Christian, indulgent, gluttonous pissing match. (Sorry, WordPress is not embedding YouTube nicely this am. Try clicking here.)


  1. SpaceyG says:

    You have to follow the 10th Cong. runoff to get this one, although the brain power needed to do so is about -11. Check some older posts here or Political Insider if you need help. Or just watch the last debate.

  2. Icarus says:

    The Bangles would cover that song much better.

    I’m anxiously awaiting a reveiw by Senators Johnson or Douglas, or perhaps Rep. Ehrhart.

  3. Kepper says:

    Wow, Spacey.. that explains everything I need to know about you. That’s 4 minutes of my life that I wish I had back.

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