The Sickness We Worship

Someone wrote on my blog that “anyone who brings one (pit bull) on a thick, spiky chain to the park where children are playing has a personality disorder.” But if even half of the mad sickness that is Michael Vick is true, then we, as a culture that continues to pay


  1. TPSoCal says:

    Words cannot even begin to describe the anger and disgust that envelopes me when I read things like this. The only comfort I have is that they will be held to account someday whether in this life or after. I hope justice is swift and severe!

  2. gatormathis says:

    Vick has already gotten to much of a pass from in this deal.

    But in a case of such high profile, the law will get their end completely right hopefully before they go up against the high priced defense attorneys Vick can surely hire.

    It is funny how everyone wants to label folks in the south as rednecks but won’t hesitate a moment to kiss a “thug’s” ass such as Vick.

    And for all his money and high-end living, he is in the paper constantly for things like dog fighting and hiding weed in his water bottle at the airport.

    Kinda reminds me of a Saturday Nite Live skit:

    Michael Vick………….really?????????????

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