The Old People Have Put Out Their 10th District Voter Guide

You can check it out here at the AARP’s website.

Interesting Paul Broun is more in tune with the AARP than Jim Whitehead including the socialist position of letting Medicare


  1. RJL says:

    Hahahaha. I love it, Erik. You would pay and pay and pay the private sector until you are broke and destitute just to say that you held true to a philosphy. When Wal Mart informed light bulb makers recently that they were only buying those with less mercury and at a certain price (and all manufacturers complied), was that “negotiating” or “imposing?” And which was better for the consumer and the environment? GE stock go down? Nope. Volume of sales go up? Yep. You kill me. Happy 13th.

  2. Seen It says:

    RJL. Here’s how it would work. The government imposes prices. Today’s seniors love it because they benefit from the latest drugs and lower prices. Seniors 20 years from now will wonder why there are no more breakthrough drugs. Yet they will be unwilling to pay the higher prices that allow the drug companies to conduct research.

    The US should begin viewing this as a trade issue. Why should we allow other countries to set below market prices on drugs forcing us to make up the difference and pay for the research? If we viewed this as a trade issue at the federal level, we could make other countries start picking up a fair share of the research pie.

  3. Erick says:


    When Wal-Mart does it, the businesses can take it or leave it.

    When the government does it, there is no leaving the table.

  4. RJL says:

    hahahaha. You guys kill me.

    SeenIt – Pharma devotes about 18% of its annual revenue to R&D,most of which is bought from universities. hahaha. You can’t be serious. How do you think the same drug that is $5/per in U.S. is still sold at $0.75 /per at a profit in other countries? You think our pharma subsidizes them? Get serious. YOU are carrying the burden on your, and your family’s back.

    And Erik, of course business can leave the table. Same as doctors or hospitals. You don’t really think pharma produces drugs at a loss do you? And you don’t really think GE is selling bulbs to Wal Mart at anything but an advantageous scenario, do you? I know this to not be the case.

    Folks, look, without going into heavy detail, I’ve been in the legislative, executive, NGO and corporate worlds and currently sit on several Boards. The course change is viewed as inevitable. Those taking the big hits long term will be the insurance companies and hospitals. Plan your portfolios accordinaly, and send me a thank you note at retirement. Pharma has its ass covered because its margins are huge.

    In the U.S. currently, about 35% of every health care dollar (or about $700 million) is spent for administrative people to argue between insurance companies and doctors’ offices over what is covered and who will pay. Compare that to Medicare, with a 1% overhead rate. From a business and efficiency perspective, it is a no-brainer.

    Final input, SeenIt and Erik — I was in the rooms during the 84/85 debate on generic drugs. Friends of mine in pharma GR lost their jobs over the the success of generic. But, and this is important to understand, the facts just crushed them. And you and your family are benefiting from this now.

    If you really care about this issue, then take the effort to drill deep rather than skim. You will be surprised if not shaken.

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