1. Skeptical says:

    Ok, first of all – Icarus gave the perfect response for the snarky lovers in all of us.

    Now, as a parent of a small child, you can never control what your child is going to do at any given moment.

    The moment in question was on the plane and there are numerous witnesses who said the child wasn’t unruly or being disruptive.

    Stewardess on a power trip. Someone might want to rethink their career choice.

  2. jsm says:

    Looked like a normal toddler to me, who didn’t want to sit there for a boring interview. What I noticed was that ‘airplane’ Diane Sawyer gave him. Airplane? She must not cover any NASA stories.

  3. JasonW says:

    Oh come on, surely we’re not blaming the child and the mom for this. All the kid said on the airplane is “Bye, Bye, Plane” (Like most 19 month olds) and the stewardess flipped out. She told the captain that the mom “threatened” her so he would turn around. All the passengers on the plane backed the mother and child, and frankly, the stewardess should be fired.

  4. jm says:

    Happy babies make noise too 🙂 Just deal with it.
    Our two year old can be just as noisy when he’s happy as when he’s crying, its part of learning how the world around you works.
    I think the stewardess overreacted. Even if the baby was having a complete snit fit, its a BABY! Unless it has a fever/diarrhea, visibly sick, or is carrying a bomb etc. no one should have the right to boot a mother and her baby off the plane.

    Now a movie theater? That’s a totally different animal….

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