The Eric Johnson Bill

It’s just beginning. I hope the voucher bill works well.

More than 100 private schools across Georgia will be offering scholarships to special needs students this fall under a new program created by the General Assembly.

The state Board of Education gave preliminary approval Wednesday to 113 of the 127 schools that applied to participate in the Georgia’s first foray into publicly funded private school vouchers.

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  1. Adam Smith says:

    This is something that is long overdue. As public schools are failing our future generations of Georgia citizens, vouchers are the only way to merge our current system with free enterprise.

    Sen. Johnson should be commended in taking the lead for the future.

    Vouchers for the students who are not having their needs met is brilliant. If the schools want to keep the student’s tuition money paid by the state, then the school needs to step up and meet the needs. If not, it has the potential to be a significant loss of revenue for the school.

    Free enterprise…shape up and provide competitive services or lose your customers. Now if only vouchers would apply to ALL students, Georgia would no longer be one of the continuous bottom 5 states.

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