Someone’s Gotta Say It

What’s a network to do when a TV personality becomes so ugly that it repells the very audience it is trying to attract? If it hadn’t been for precious Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe last night, I doubt I could have made it through more than three minutes of


  1. Holly says:

    Wow, Spacey, where on earth did you dig up that picture? It’s ollllllllld!

    Off topic minus the Radcliffe reference, but I thought the new Harry Potter movie was excellent. (This comes from someone who was not wild about the 5th book.)

  2. gatormathis says:

    I was watching some old “Hee Haw” reuns while over at a friend’s home the other night.

    The guests were Conway Twitty and George Jones.

    I had actually forgotten how prominent a part “sideburns” played in men’s hairstyles.

    Taking into account the “return” of hip-hugger jeans and other recycled “fads” of the past I was wondering.

    How long before the “return” of massive “sideburns” and “big hair”?

    It seems horn-rimmed glasses have already reappeared.

  3. Mike-El says:

    “Georgia? No. Politics? No. Unwarranted personal attacks? Check!”

    For one brief, shining moment, I actually thought that the repugnance of Larry King was the one issue that would unite us all.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Hey I tried, Mike-El, I tried. Everyday I get up and think, “How can I, a lone, lonely blogger, unite Red and Blue in this great state of Georgia?” And today, God sent me Larry King. But even that’s just not good enough for some folks who think they are sooooo high and mighty. (That would be most of the PP readership.)

    So I get on my knees and say my little blogger prayer: Dear Lord, give me the strength to keep slogging onward with personal attacks and irrelevant, bi-partisan media yadayadayada. I am only one lowly middle-aged soccer mom. I need all the (child) support I can get, and your guiding hand on my keyboard. With those two things, I know I will prevail, in blundering triumph, until the clouds of Heaven are parted in your Mighty righteousness of angelic heavenly hosting services. Or until I get an iPhone. Which ever comes first…

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