Sen. Chambliss launches new and improved website.

Today I received a guided tour of Saxby Chambliss’ new campaign website. I must say it’s quite an improvement over the previous site.

The new site features short Flash videos of the Senator’s positions on several issues. Also available are the transcripts of each video. At the end of each video, Chambliss asks for input from the viewers. Each viewer comment will be responded to by the campaign.

Included in the issue videos is a special message about immigration reform. I was told during the debate on the Senate immigration reform bill, Chambliss himself answered the phone for a while to hear directly people’s opinion on the issue.

Other features include “Sax Facts” – more short issue oriented videos, photos, bios of the Senator and his wife, campaign, Georgia and National news clips, a volunteer signup page, comment submission form, and of course a contribution page.

The new site went live on July 3rd and they are looking for comments and suggestions for improvements. Plans are already in the works to add new features and incorporate visitor comments.

The new Chambliss website can be found here.

Oh, and Chambliss has started a You Tube account.


  1. I wonder if I’m allowed to give him input. He’s a defendant in my lawsuit against Robins Air Force Base, but not sure if plaintiff’s are allowed to talk to defendants. Maybe there are different rules when the defendant is a public official?

    I would love to be able to ask him why his staff refused to help me when I asked for help at Robins Air Force Base. His staff said they depend on Rondal Smith to raise funding for them over BRAC issues. Mr. Smith is a key defendant in another case that also involves the 21st Century Partnership.

    It’s kind of difficult going to your politicians for help when they are intertwined with the unfair competition at the base.

    I guess I can comment in his new site, and if I get a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, I’ll know I wasn’t allowed to talk on his site. *grin*

  2. Well, so much for viewing his new and improved site. It wasn’t designed for people who can only afford dial-up accounts. I clicked on the link above at 9:30. It’s now 9:36 and it’s still trying to load.

    In case I’m not allowed to comment to him, maybe someone on a dial up can let him know his site doesn’t load fast!

    It’s still loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaading!

    Ok, time to bail out. Apparently he only wants to target high-speed supporters. That makes sense. They’ll have money to contribute. Mwahahahahahahahahah

  3. GOPGrassroots says:

    You would like to ask him why his staffers wouldn’t help your “journey of a pro se litigant in a lawsuit against Robins Air Force Base, 21st Century Partnership, Intergraph, Star Software, Totalis Consulting Group, Totalis, Inc., Senator Chambliss, Senator Isakson, Congressman Marshall, Governor Perdue, and the others”.


  4. GOPGrassroots says:

    Maybe once you win that big settlement from the Governor, your Senators, and your Congressman, you can buy a faster computer!

    $33 for highspeed wireless –

    On second thought, you might want to add in the President as a plaintiff to cover your installation fees.

  5. No, GOPGrassroots. I wanted help before it reached the lawsuit stage. But 13WMAZ and Senator Chambliss are tight with Rondal Smith over BRAC issues. Mr. Smith signed my company’s nondisclosure when he was an Intergraph employee. I was doing Web work for the 21st Century Partnership where Mr. Smith was a liasion. Mr. Smith’s manager at Intergraph breached my nondisclosure and gave my procurement information to my competitors, then teamed with my competitors to block me from getting the contracts. Documents were falsified with the GAO to get my protest dropped.

    Intergraph was a representative of the government. RAFB hired them to evaluate my software and plans, then Intergraph blackballed me.

    What’s funny about my site? It didn’t have to go to the lawsuit stage. Check out the category “RAFB” and look at “I’m fixin to loose my cool with FOIA” you can link on the emails I received.

    I have been in contact with Chambliss’ staff for 4 years now.

    13 WMAZ reporter, Mary Therese, called me wanting my story. She said she wanted to do a story, but when I told her who was involved, she immediately defendanted them. Ever seen Rondal Smith and Mary Therese on the news over BRAC issues?

    Ms. Therese failed to report my story and is now working for the defendants.

  6. Well, well, well… what do you know? This was on my stats counter: (U.s. Senate Sergeant At Arms)

    So, GOPGrassroots, is that you? And from what office?

    No wonder you said “lol” to my site. So, who are you? A staff member of Chambliss?

  7. Dear GOPGrassroots, now you see why I couldn’t get help from Chambliss before this escalated to the lawsuit stage? Because of staff like you, who thinks my situation is funny. Let me tell you something…. I lost my home and land in Jones County because of the corruption at RAFB. I lived in my car during the winter and slept at the I-475 rest area in freezing cold weather and ended up in the emergency room.

    This is not a laughing matter, and if the President needs to be added as a defendant, that will later be determined, considering he too had knowledge of the corruption and failed to act.

    So, want to make mockery some more and prove my case against Chambliss and his staff a little more? Here:

    [Edited out by Erick. Totally inappropriate]

  8. GOPGrassroots says:

    I am sorry I took your comments in a lighthearted manner. I didn’t realize the seriousness of your situation and I am truly sorry.

  9. Apology accepted, and because you did that, I’m going to cancel the blog I was just about to submit to my own blog. I appreciate that very much. You have no idea.

  10. Well, his fancy Web site can’t be loaded by dial-up customers I guess. After it finally loaded, I couldn’t see anything after the front page. It looks like a video and lots of photos.

    Maybe the home page should be a standard text-based page with no video/photos, then once in the site, you can go to the media section. Or on the splash page, give the visitors a choice between low or high bandwidth.

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