Peach Pundit Ads

So, as I type this the ad on the front page is “Calculate the name of your perfect lover”. Its neither politics nor Georgia and must surely be irritating Bull Moose. So I typed Bull Moose into the the ad and guess what came back?

John McCain of course.


I’m told Clayton is in Amsterdam, so after he gets is government sponsored heroin dose, maybe he can approve my ad. 🙂 Or any ad. Just not a hot pink ad for a cheesy internet dating site.


  1. profg says:

    One of the ads that came up last night had 4 animated pictures in it: 3 with young ladies in various stages of undress, and one with two young ladies french kissing.



  2. AlanR says:

    The hot pink ad is all I seem to get. I hope they’re paying double.

    Not a complaint! It’s worth it to keep things going.

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