1. CHelf says:

    Will it actually be in the gated ones or on public access land? I guess those rich kids in the gated communities don’t like NGA and Gatewood. There goes the sound of deflated egos.

    If you want more history of why Blacks find this an issue ask about the history of NGA.

  2. SpaceyG says:

    20-percent! Like one single yellow bus from Poorville (and hon, just outside any of those gated communities, it is seriously dirt-yard po) will EVER roll into that school. Gawd, do people really believe this utter pandering-to-get-exactly-the-lily-white-demo-we-want bs? Sure, and I’m Nicole Ritchie’s unborn (starving) child…

  3. CHelf says:

    I wonder if one of the members of the charter committee will recuse himself for his very close ties to this group.

  4. Jmac says:

    That’s also a surface criticism of the entire discussion, and it goes much deeper than that. The gentleman who led the petition push also happens to be the president of Reynolds Plantation … which happens to want to build 1,500 new homes designed to attract families to attend the school.

    There’s some profit-motive going on here … more so than genuine concern for education based on my take. Also, if this is a public-funded institution that Greene County has to support – and Greene County already is struggling to support its existing four schools – isn’t it self-defeating to think this new school will do anything to ‘better’ the situation?

  5. Jmac says:

    Along with the fact that ‘bussing’ doesn’t apply to this discussion as there were only four other schools (two elementary, one middle and one high) in the county to begin with.

    The only bussing being done was from the parents along Lake Oconee who were shuttling their kids to Athens Academy, George Walton or Nat Greene.

  6. CobbGOPer says:

    I tend to agree with Jmac that they want this school so they can push sales on their “family” homes.

    If that’s the case, then screw them, they can pony up the money to build a private school and leave the taxpayer dollars for the needs of the government schools in Oconee.

  7. Doug Deal says:

    It is a mistake to so isolate your kids from the real world by having them live in exclusive gated communities, and attend exclusive private schools.

    People need to know that there is more to the world than a carbon copy of yourself in the glorified tract housing unit next door.

  8. rightofcenter says:

    The comments here show a lot of ignorance, and typical class envy. Let’s review the facts: 1) Reynolds has done quite well, thank you, basically without a viable public school system to serve as an alternative to the good private schools in the area; there is no reason to believe that their new projects wouldn’t be just as successful, with or without this option; 2) care to venture what portion of property taxes in Greene County are paid by folks in those gated communities? Try 80%. Why shouldn’t those people have an opportunity to actually receive some value from their tax dollars? 3) The Reynolds are the largest taxpayers in Greene County by far. So spare me the “they are taking advantage of the county” bs. 4) Doug, please give me a break on the “exclusive private schools” crap. Are you familiar with Gatewood and NGA? Private yes, but hardly exclusive. It is possible to expose your children to life outside the gated community without forcing them into suspect schools that have way too many issues to deal with to actually worry about the quality of instruction.

  9. Doug Deal says:


    I never said that they do not have a right to insolate their children from “undesirables” such as those who make less money or reflect less sunlight. I said that it is, and I will quote it hear exaclt as I phrased it, “a mistake”.

    We are not 15th century Europe with lords and vassals where people were seperated by station at birth. Perhaps that what you would like to have us return to?

  10. CHelf says:

    NGA is inclusive? THAT is a joke. So are you telling me that if you pay more taxes you deserve more services? Considering the amount of children that would even be in this area, I’d say this would be a waste of tax dollars.

    If you have a problem with the schools don’t move to the area. If you move to the area, either send your kids to those schools or go to private schools.

    As for your percentage of taxes paid here, can you back that up? Considering this is a very rural and poor county, it would not be shocking to see a $10,000 piece of land with a $10,000 mobile home paying less taxes than $2 million houses in gated communities.

    If you knew the situation, many of these gated communities have relied on their own means for numerous services including security, water, sewage, etc. Since they’ve chosen to go the private route on all other services what is to keep them from doing the same for their children’s education?

    If they have a problem with the county schools feel free to call for more to be built. Make sure they are open enrollment like ALL other schools in the county. Don’t come in and complain about the schools, take some money and hole up in a corner somewhere making yourself and exclusive member club. These people chose to live here many knowing the school options. Live by the standards of the area or don’t live there.

    I’d wonder if one of the people voting on this has a conflict of interest considering his ties to this area. Sounds like he was recently dropped in his position and is already handing out favors for those he’s helped and received help from.

  11. Jmac says:

    Class envy? Excellent.

    Not only is your argument for ‘getting their money’s worth’ out of their tax dollars one of the biggest strawmen out there, but many of the residents of Reynolds Plantation chose not to get their money’s worth.

    Imagine if they had worked to build a more inclusive charter school? Imagine if they had sent their kids to Greene County and supported the public school system and been engaged? You would see a substantially better situation there.

  12. rightofcenter says:

    Oh, where to start? Well, Doug, I agree that a system of “lords and vassals” would be tragic. However, unfortunately, the real world doesn’t exist in the Greene County public schools. If it was my child, I would ere on the side of safety and high academic standards, and try to instill proper values and morality vis a vis the poor and disadvantaged at home.

    I never said if you pay more $$$ you deserve more services, but I do think you deserve SOME services.

    I am a subscriber to the Greensboro paper, and those statistics came from it. As for a $10,000 piece of land, as a Greene County landowner, let me say that those places don’t exist anymore.

    I never said NGA was inclusive…..I just said it wasn’t exclusive. There is a difference.

    Ultimately, the entire school system will end up benefiting from LOA. More students in the system will mean more state dollars. More residents will mean more tax $$. A higher achieving school will challenge the existing schools to do better.

  13. CHelf says:

    Wow. I’m not sure you should be relying on the Herald Journal for accurate statistics.

    As for the $10,000 piece of land, perhaps you need to get out to the rest of the county. Many of the people living in those mobile homes paid that much for the land or they had their families donate a small corner of some land they already owned. Not sure where you live but your version of reality needs a little more exposure.

    If NGA is not exclusive and not inclusive, what third option have you recently invented? If it’s not exclusive I’m not sure there is a gray area to include there.

    How do you figure your assumption of a better system ultimately? If these take kids that go to the other schools into this exclusive school, this waters down the other schools. This pulls more money away from those other schools. It drops the attendance down even more. It drops how much money will then go to those schools.

    This school will take a few years to get off the ground. It’s limited in number so this assumption that this will somehow improve the schools, county, etc. is far fetched. Greene County Schools will downgrade much faster than this school can get off the ground or even improve the overall situation. And a higher achieving school challenge others to do better? When they’ve had money diverted it’s hard to do that.

    But this little selective group gets their way. They get their person on the State School Board and he votes to support this little endeavor.

    I guess if a majority of the residents of the county prefer state and local money to go towards improving ALL of the system, that would not matter right? We just want the gated golf club minority to drain system money for something the system has no say over.

    Again, no one forced these people to move into this school district. Don’t like it? Don’t move there or send your kids to a private school. Why do something that does more to damage the local schools? And since these two subdivisions are averaging $1 million+ houses, they clearly should have no problem starting their own private school to free themselves up of even NCLB and other standards.

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