1. Wow, this guy is going to be in trouble very soon when just having an (R) next to your name is no longer good enough to win in Douglas County.

    Gore 36%
    Barnes 40%
    Kerry 38%
    Martin 41%

    Tipping point close, it’s clearly defying the statewide trend (ie getting more Republican). Maybe Roundtree can come on here and tell me how I’m wrong and the above data actually proves Douglas county is actually getting more Republican though. North DeKalb certainly is (not).

  2. John Konop says:


    You were so outraged by Wilson you wanted him taking out before the trial. Are you outraged by the white adult prosecutor who released the video of the minors having sex? How cruel was that for the girl?

  3. dorian says:

    Sorry, I missed the part where getting fellatio performed on you by minors is a racial issue? Is having sex with unconscious women one too?

  4. John Konop says:


    The jury did not see it that way. Also are you outraged by the white adult prosecutor who released the video of the minors having sex? How cruel was that for the girl?

  5. Mark Rountree says:

    Actually Chris, you are exactly right: both Douglas and Rockdale, virtually sister counties on the I-20 axis, are quickly going Democrat.

    Like I wrote to you via Peach Pundit before, the suburbs are moving Democratic and it’s something that Republican operatives must pay attention to. Douglas and Rockdale are collapsing under the weight of our failing road transportation systems.

    The road systems to and from our suburbs simply do not and cannot support this many people, and higher income families are moving out from them. They are moving either back inside the perimeter on the north side or to the exurbs.

    In fact, what’s happening politically and demographically in Douglas County and Rockdale County are doing exactly what I wrote on Peach Pundit last month: Atlanta’s surburban neighborhoods that immediately ring the 285 area are becoming more Democrat with the exception of Sandy Springs, Vinings, and North DeKalb.

    And Chris, it’s Rountree with no d. Man, at least get that right. 🙂

  6. Harry says:

    Gwinnett is different – the demographic changes out here happened already 10 years ago, and if anything the percentage of poor black population in the county is actually decreasing due to the influx of Mexicans into available neighborhoods. Although Gwinnett is diverse for sure, I have no indication the Asians are trending Democrat, and the Mexicans voters are few in number.

  7. dorian says:

    Oh, I see John, so the fact that he was acquitted of raping the unconscious woman meant it never happened. Like the same way the jury acquitting OJ meant he never killed his wife. That is awfully twisted logic (especially when the former is on tape). I will save my outrage for the conduct itself, thanks. Personally, I think that whatever your color is, the acts are pretty outrageous, and if I were an African American, I would not hang my flag on the cause of someone whose conduct is so base.

    Also, it is utter nonsense to equate McDade being ‘white’ with showing the tape. What if he had been black? Would it had been ok then? Fact is, if Wilson hadn’t been receiving oral sex from a minor, there would be no tape for anyone to show.

  8. John Konop says:


    Bottom line are you outraged by the white adult prosecutor who released the video of the black minors having sex? How cruel was that for the girl?

    And what should be his penalty?

    My guess you will side step the question or not answer it!

    You and Erick were so out raged about what happen to white kids in the Duke lacrosse case as I was. Yet do you not see how it looks racist that you are not outraged at this prosecutor for his miss-conduct?

  9. dorian says:

    John, it isn’t that I want to sidestep your question. First, if McDade violated the law by showing the tape, I don’t see him being white makes any more difference than his being bald. Second, the duke lacrosse players were, in fact, innocent. They didn’t need to have the law retroactively changed to make themselves less guilty. Third, I sincerely doubt that you are as interested as protecting the victim as in a legal quid-pro-quo on McDade for popping Wilson as hard as he did.

    Finally, the only voice that could, in fact, get me to reevaluate my position would be that of the child advocates that were handling the case. I have not heard any comment from them. Not to say there isn’t any, just that I haven’t heard them weigh in. This is true no matter what color they are, by the way.

    correction for grift: you are correct, i will amend my earlier statements to “semiconscious”. Daily Report June 6, 2007.

  10. John Konop says:


    The victims were the girls! They were not charged with anything. Do you not see that the prosecutor violated their rights by giving out the video? Do you think prosecutors should be releasing rape kit information?

  11. dorian says:

    John, I agree 100%. The victims were the girls. However, I am somewhat familiar with open records requests. Therefore, my first question would be if McDade acted consistent with his own policy in that regard. Moreover, I understand that his purpose of showing the tape to the legislature was to block them from passing the law which would have excepted Wilson.

    I guess what I’m saying is that, much the same way you and grift see the Wilson case as a complicated issue, not exactly ‘black and white’ (no pun intended), I see the showing of the tape in a similar light. On his website, grift has pointed out that the tape has apparently been swapped around like hot cakes, and that is certainly something that should be investigated.

    To me, the real tragedy here is not Wilson’s sentence, but the fact that the emphasis has remained on the perpetrator and not on the victim(s). If McDade’s misstep, and the politically charged rage that has ensued, in some small way refocuses the attention on these girls, that perhaps is a good thing, and something I think everyone can agree on.

  12. John Konop says:


    I am not a lawyer and appreciate were you are coming from. But I find it hard to believe that prosecutors have been releasing videos of sex especially between minors in violation of federal laws.

    And if McDade or any other D.A. in Georgia had done this in the past why have we not heard of the case by now.

    Also if Mcdade did get a request are you telling me that it is standard procedure to have no record of the request?

    As a D.A. if he was truly trying to protect the girls would he have not done everything in his power not to release the video?

    This indicates his motives were going after Wilson not protecting the girls or rights of victims.

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