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This is from the tipline on the Macon Mayoral election:

Consider this. There are aproximately 39,000 registered voters in Macon. Roughly 14,000 white and 25,000 black. That is 36% white and 64% black. Hypothetically speaking, if 100% of all voters were to vote and all white voters voted for Robert Reichert, he would have to get 28% or 7,000 black votes to win without a run off.

In 2003 when Dominik Andrews ran for Mayor and there were 3 black candidates running also, he only generated approximately 6,000 votes total out of a total of about 17,000 votes cast. The difference went to the black candidates in the race.

In 2004 when Bishop ran for Commission Chairman he only generated approximately 9,000 votes in the city limits with the difference going to Randall. This means that Bishop got approximately 3,000 black votes.

Here it is Erik, first of all 100% of the voters will note come to the polls. Of the number that will come, history shows that approximatly 7,000 will be white and 10,000 or more will be black.

With that said, there is going to be a run-off for sure and I think that you are right. It is going to be Randall and Reichert. With that said the candidate that can get their voters back to the polls during the run-off. Will win and face the Republican in November. Question to you. Who do you think has the bigger base.

Note: Randall generated 17,000 votes in the city limits when he ran for Commission Chairman.

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