Whitehead, Broun, and the GA Sport Shooting Association

[Update: Andy Nouraee is reporting that Broun campaign manager Josh Evans “believes Broun has stepped down from the position” of GSSA President. If that’s true, then he or Dr. Broun might want to tell the new president to replace Broun’s name with his own on their website to remove the appearance of conflict or impropriety. Regardless, this doesn’t appear to be the best of moves from a gentleman who has the experience as a candidate to know better.]

As I look more at Paul Broun’s press release on the “two Jim Whiteheads,” posted below, I can’t help but wonder more about this section:

Jim Whitehead told the Georgia Sport Shooting Association candidate interview committee that he doesn


  1. Kepper says:

    This press release really annoys me so I went to the horse’s mouth(in-directly) and got the story. So, let’s start with some facts. First, the Georgia Sports Shooting Association (GSSA) endorses Paul Broun Jr. Funny thing is, Paul Broun Jr. is not only the GSSA endorsed candidate, Paul Broun Jr. is (or was) the president. You be the judge: http://www.gssa.com/board.htm

    Second: This GSSA candidate interview committee was supposedly made up of 30 members. All of them were supposed to show up and interview each of the candidates for the 10th CD. Jim Whitehead says only 5 showed up for his interview. They asked him about his guns. He told them what he owned and they were all basically shotguns. During a part of the conversation about handguns, Whitehead remarked that “I don’t even own a handgun”. (maybe not exact words),
    This is the kind of manipulation that Paul Broun Jr. will use to get votes, Folks. The truth isn’t in this guy.

  2. profg says:

    My GSSA interview was about an hour long. Other candidates said theirs were shorter and longer. We were told to block out about 2 hours.

    Even though I knew Broun had been the GSSA’s president (another in a long series of strategic moves Broun has made over the years – “a lifetime of preparation” indeed), I found the process to be pretty fair. The questions asked by a panel of about a dozen from various pro-gun groups were good ones, although I noticed most of them were lifted from the NRA’s questionnaire.

    I chatted with the group afterwards and found them to be quite sincere. I believe all of the other candidates interviewed as well; Marlow was driving in as I left. Yes, there was little doubt that Broun would get HIS organization’s endorsement, but the people doing the interviewing gave up a lot of their time to scrutinize the rest of us, which I appreciated.

    Now, ask me about the NRA’s endorsement process, and I’ll give you a different story. Pretty standard beltway stuff there.


  3. Kepper says:

    Yes, Jim got the NRA endorsement because of his voting record for NRA related issues while in the State Senate. Why Broun has a problem with that is beyond me. He seems to think that a minimum requirement to run for congress is that you have to be a member of a gun club.

  4. Kepper says:

    Question Bill G (off topic):
    Did you get to “clear the air” with a certain someone after the debate the other night? A Yes or No will do.

  5. profg says:

    What’s funny is, the NRA people in DC (friends whom I’ve worked with on Second Amendment issues for years now) made it very clear to me at the beginning of this campaign that they were staying completely out of the race, unless it looked like a very anti-gun candidate had a chance to sneak in and win.

    Well, no anti-gun candidate ever had any such chance, but they were strong-armed into endorsing anyway. Yes, I understand that their SOP is to endorse incumbents with good pro-gun voting records, and I have no problem with that. However, my beef with my friends in DC is that they said one thing, and did another.

    I know, I know, it’s naive of me to think it would be any different. But one can always hope.


  6. Kepper says:

    Bill: I don’t want to bring anything out if it’s not already public. I know you are very angry at one of the candidates.

  7. Tommy_a2b says:

    griftdrift – The GSSA and the Oconee County Republican Party have nothing to do with each other. The GSSA has members state wide. I am a member (actually a life member.) To boot I have never once met Dr Broun. I am a member for sport shooting reasons. The NRA requires that all “Official” scores at sport shooting events be recorded. They have chosen the GSSA as the local organization to handle that. The GSSA is the official state offiliate of the NRA. Dr Broun is miffed because of the ties between the 2 organizations and the fact that they endorsed Sen Whitehead even after saying they would endorse no one.

  8. CHelf says:

    On serious issues that influence the district I’d be curious to know both candidate’s take on a new Farm Bill.

  9. abi04 says:

    Way back when, I saw a fundraising letter that Jim Whitehead sent out. It was hilarious. It went something like my guns, my guns, someone has taken my guns, my sons have taken my guns. one by one they’ve taken my guns and now I have none. Did anyone else see it? Never could quite figure out the point.

  10. abi04 says:

    And Mr. Kepper, how do you go to the horse’s mouth indirectly? Looks as though you have a nifty little oxymoron going on there. Maybe you need to take an AP remedial English course.

  11. Jasmine says:

    I hope you’re being cute about “AP remedial English course.”

    Otherwise, you may want to join that class too.

  12. Holly says:

    Maybe you need to take an AP remedial English course.

    AP means “advanced placement”, i.e. high school students taking English at the college level. So either Kepper gets oxymorons and is advanced, or he needs remedial help. It can’t very well be both, can it? Apparently Kepper isn’t the only one who needs oxymoron assistance. πŸ™‚

  13. Kepper says:

    Forgive me for using an age old cliche. I didn’t know that using the terms in that context upsets some people (like AP) . Please, allow me to explain….. While I do talk to Jim Whitehead a lot, I got the information from his daughter…. who asked her dad about it… So, therefore, I received the information INDIRECTLY FROM Mr. Whitehead.
    Now, can I get off the remedial list please?

  14. abi04 says:

    Yes, I thought AP remedial English class was clever. Exposing the ridiculous by being ridiculous.
    And thanks to Holly I now know what AP means. Whew! Wow, Holly can you share some more of your insightful wisdom with us all?

  15. Kepper says:

    AB: Do you have anything useful to contribute to the actual topic or are you here to just insult Jim Whitehead supporters?

  16. Holly says:

    Wow, Holly can you share some more of your insightful wisdom with us all?

    Well, sure, since you asked. . .

    Yes, I thought AP remedial English class was clever

    You’re alone on that. πŸ™‚

  17. abi04 says:

    Mr. Kepper, it was you sir who began this nonsense with your caddy remark about Paul Broun being at the bottom of his med school class. You really don’t want to compare your candidate who couldn’t even make it through college to an M.D. do you?

  18. AlanR says:

    abi04 — spoken like someone who never ran a business, made a payroll, wrote a check each quarter and paid the vendor bills. Whether its tires or internet services like profg, there’s nothing to be ashamed of about being in business. Its damn hard.

    Make the comparison if you want, but there’s only one candidate that needed a bankruptcy to get out from under.

  19. MindyMay says:

    abi04 you are very rude and not very clever!!!!! alan didnt say nothin about his college days and it sounds like he runs a business. whats wrong with that???? people work hard around here and we cant all go to med school but that doesnt mean that we arent responsible because of it. and goin to med school obviously doesnt automatically mean youre smart nor does it give you instant credibility. that has to be earned in your professional conduct and there is nothin in whiteheads conduct that says to me that he is a loser for not finishing college. hes never been late on payments and never been divorced. hes been careful with his family and his business and paul broun hasnt so clearly whitehead is the better choice!!!!!!!!

  20. bowersville says:

    I have to agree with Creative Loafing, it has become insane that a candidate for the US House would make an issue as to who has the biggest arsenal or who owns the most guns, or whether mine is bigger than yours, or whether someone even has one.

    Is this the type of person we want representing us in the 10th? What Congressman would call on the press to investigate something as petty as whether a candidate legally owns a gun or not? What type of Congressional investigations would be called for by such juvenile thinking? An investigation into who placed explosives in the world trade center?

    If Paul Broun goes to Congress, the 10th will be a laughing stock.

    Jeff, the most important part of the update is “if that’s true.” Broun needs to clear the air and address it directly as to whether he is the president of GSSA or not.

  21. GOPeach says:

    PBJ… Like like it!

    But it’s Dr. Broun to you. πŸ™‚

    PBJ – Sounds like a CONGRESSMAN to me!

    PBJ – All the Way!
    PBJ- All the Way!

    Run Paul Run! You can win this thing!

  22. bowersville says:

    It seems to me the Georgia Sport Shooting Association, the official state affiliate of the NRA, would want to clear this up also. Their by-laws in Article VI, Section 3a…The President…shall exercise…supervision over all it’s affairs. (GSSA.com)

    If Broun hasn’t resigned as president of the GSSA, and following the GSSA by-laws, did he oversee his own endorsement and the questioning of opposing candidates?

  23. Bill Simon says:


    I’m not from the 10th CD, I am not a Broun clone, and I only took AP Calculus in high school (30 years ago).

    Can you please tell me what a “caddy remark” is so I will understand what abio4 is yapping about?

  24. Kepper says:

    My candidate (Jim Whitehead) made it through college just fine. He didn’t finish his last quarter, from what I understand, because he thought he would be playing in the NFL with the Chicago Bears. Other than that, he completed 95% of his college studies. I would love to compare the GPA’s of both candidates. I bet’s Jim’s grades would embarrass Broun’s. Since you are an apologist for “Dr.” Broun, why is it Paul Broun Jr. “really” has to make only house calls as a “doctor”. Don’t tell us that it’s because of the goodness of his heart. A man who has been married four times doesn’t go to med school to just make only house calls when all of that hospital and insurance money is out there.

  25. Holly says:


    I’m unsure, but I believe it’s a Masters-specific reference – perhaps new slang from the 2007 tournament? Darn it, I knew I should’ve skipped out on Disney this April. Look at what I missed! πŸ˜‰

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