1. GOPeach says:

    The “flaggers” are rested up and well organized.
    I bet you they saw waht happened in Washington last November and thinking –
    ” Not again- Not on our watch”…

    Don’t underestimate a red-blooded SCV!
    Or then again… maybe you should – 🙂

  2. GOPeach says:

    Broun Says There Are Three Candidates in Run-off, Not Two: Himself and the Two Jim Whiteheads

    A run-off election is supposed to be between two candidates. But there are three candidates in this one: me and the two Jim Whiteheads.

    (GOPeach- 2 heads make a freak!)

    Athens, Georgia – July 11, 2007

    There is the Jim Whitehead who says one thing in Augusta and the Jim Whitehead who says something entirely different in Athens and the rest of the district.

    There is the Jim Whitehead who attacks Athens in speeches in Augusta and then accuses Paul Broun of trying to divide the district. Whitehead then goes on statewide television and talks about all he claims he will do for Athens.

    There is the Jim Whitehead who is against Amnesty and for Amnesty.

    Jim Whitehead told the Georgia Sport Shooting Association candidate interview committee that he doesn’t own a gun. During the GPTV debate, Jim Whitehead sounded like he owns an arsenal of high-powered weapons.

    I wonder when some intrepid reporter is going to ask him to prove where and when he bought those guns and when he joined the NRA, because he did tell the GSSA that he was not a member.

    Frankly, Mr. Whitehead has trouble with the truth. When this race started his famous line was: “I can’t be Charlie Norwood, but I can be myself.” Wrong on both counts! The man is so scripted and rehearsed and such a double talker that by now he probably doesn’t know who he is. That’s more politics-as-usual.

    The people of this district deserve more than political double talk. They see the difference in the real Jim Whitehead and the mere image projected in his commercials.

    Voters are intelligent and discerning. They see through the phony baloney.

    Jim is just image. Unfortunately for him, the people have caught on to his act.

    “I do not pander to different audiences. I stand for a consistent set of principles and values. However, I respect those who sincerely differ from me. I will be fair to everyone,” said Broun.

  3. Icarus says:

    Yo Peach,

    I think I’d like to join your group.

    How does one join the Born Again Evangelical Jewish Flaggers for Ron Paul Broun? I want to join more mainstream Republican groups like that.

  4. GOPeach says:

    ICarcus- ( Is that Mac’s new Bone?) 🙂

    Didn’t you know mainstream is not cool!
    The mainstream is about to dry up-
    Make way for the RIGHT STREAM.

  5. Kepper says:

    We took apart Broun’s desperate little press release yesterday. Better go buy some more buckets for that sinking ship.

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