Broun: “I’m being double-teamed!”

Paul Broun issued a release today in which he claimed that “there are three candidates in [the] run-off, not two: himself and the two Jim Whiteheads.”

Said the release:

There is the Jim Whitehead who says one thing in Augusta and the Jim Whitehead who says something entirely different in Athens and the rest of the district.
Jim Whitehead told the Georgia Sport Shooting Association candidate interview committee that he doesn’t own a gun. During the GPTV debate, Jim Whitehead sounded like he owns an arsenal of high-powered weapons.

I wonder when some intrepid reporter is going to ask him to prove where and when he bought those guns and when he joined the NRA, because he did tell the GSSA that he was not a member.
Frankly, Mr. Whitehead has trouble with the truth. When this race started his famous line was: “I can’t be Charlie Norwood, but I can be myself.” Wrong on both counts! The man is so scripted and rehearsed and such a double talker that by now he probably doesn’t know who he is. That’s more politics-as-usual.



  1. Jasmine says:

    Those are my thoughts. Paul Broun is now realizing he has no chance and he is resorting to what?

    ATTACKING the other guy.

    Which is what?


    Broun needs to shut up about this “politics as usual” mess. If he wants to be “the people’s candidate” as he often trumps, then he needs to stand on his own two feet and quit grasping at straws to knock Whitehead off of his.

    It’s hypocritical to term yourself as not “politics as usual” and at the same time, have your campaign based on attacking the opposition.

    One more point,
    He keeps condemning Whitehead for being a proffessional politician. Broun’s father was a great proffessional politician.

    Talk about Doublespeak…

  2. bowersville says:

    I like the part “one thing in Augusta…entirely different in Athens…”

    The old worn out Athens v Augusta line. I’ve heard that so much I’m sick of it.

    I don’t know if this is his attempt to turn out the vote in Athens, but it’s most likely a futile effort of a deck hand on a sinking ship.

  3. CHelf says:

    I find it odd that Whitehead has attacked Broun but yet Broun is the bad guy for attacking Whitehead. So can we say that since both have attacked each other both are equally worthless?

  4. drjay says:

    wow–i thought this race had gotten kinda quiet–the last week will be a doozy–the allure of an open house can really make the crazy amp up–here’s to you mr. “i know i’m losing badly and barely squeaked into the runoff so if nothing else i’m just gonna slam opponent until my lips fall off guy” you are a real man of genuis.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    So he fantasizes about being double teamed by Jim Whitehead and his evil twin? I heard GOPeach has volunteered to tape the event

  6. Jasmine says:

    Equally worthless? No. But point taken. However, I will say that Whithehead’s quips about Broun have been issued in response to baseless attacks as opposed to Broun, who naturally, in the losing position, relies on attacks to gain ground.

  7. Mike-El says:

    I love the demanding-to-see-the-guns-and-NRA-card litmus test. I would’ve never thought these two could keep up the crazy for this long but obviously they’re closers, man.

  8. Jmac says:

    It’s actually not a bad campaign move on his part, but pinning it on whether or not Whitehead owns guns is pretty dumb. I didn’t realize actually owning guns was imperative to supporting the Second Amendment.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    I have a question: Did the campaign manager for Bill Greene go to work for Paul Broun?

    I know Bill Greene endorsed Whitehead, but this tactic looks a lot like the press releases Greene was sending out during the primary against Whitehead. So, did Broun inherit and of Greene’s pepes who disagreed with Bill Greene’s endorsement?

  10. blazer says:

    Kinda off-topic, but, I hate politicians that join the NRA 6 months before an election or 6 months before they start campaigning for an election…

    Mitt goes around stating how he is a lifetime member of the NRA… yea but the only thing is the lifetime just started last year….

    Don’t these worthless politicians think we are smart enough to see through their attempt at a mirage???

  11. blazer says:

    BTW, I am assuming Erick joined the NRA for his council seat just in case he had opposition?? 😉

  12. Mike-El says:

    I’ve entered five different names and it keeps telling me that Fred Thompson is perfect for me.

    The fix is in.

  13. Kepper says:

    Paul Broun Jr. is a moron. Yet again, he’s on the attack. Anyone who saw this last debate on GPTV should wander if they truly want Paul Broun Jr representing them. He stammered so much and minced words so bad that he looked like a drunk trying to recite the alphabet. How can someone like this, a doctor no less (and I use that term loosely), speak so horribly and expect to stand on the floor of the House of Representatives to make speeches to 400+ members of Congress? Where is the confidence that a good public speaker should have? Maybe that’s why he finished at the bottom of his class at MCG.
    Jim Whitehead is constantly having to defend himself against something Broun has spewed. Speaking of politics as usual, Broun first sought office in 1989, I believe. Whitehead first ran for a county commission seat in 1994. So, who is really the “career politician” (as Broun likes to claim)?
    I wish Broun would cite a source for the GSSA interview. I really doubt Whitehead told them any such thing (about not owning a gun).

  14. profg says:

    Bill, I’m insulted. I wrote all of my press releases myself, and I made sure to keep them short and to the point.

    This press release appears to me to be written by Paul Broun himself: it’s long, rambling, self-contradictory, full of lies and half-truths, and ends up making absolutely no sense in the end. Just like when Paul himself talks.


  15. Bill Simon says:

    Bill Greene,

    Dude, your style of press release does resemble Broun’s in that yours had pretty outlandish claims that I could instantly recognize as absolute bullsh*t.

    Now, if you ever want some advice on writing press releases that make SENSE, let me know.

  16. profg says:


    Dude, sorry you didn’t like my press releases. Let’s sit down over lunch so you can give me some advice. Thanks. 🙂


  17. AlanR says:

    I wonder when some intrepid reporter will look at the FEC site and see that Broun still has not accounted for the $7000 he raised for this campaign before January 1. All the FEC asked was that Broun provide donor information. I wonder when some intrepid reporter is going to ask Broun why he loaned his campaign $5000 in September 2006 if he wasn’t running for this seat? Perhaps the reporters covering this should take intrepid lessons and learn to gossip less and go to the source more.

    I also wonder when some intrepid reporter will ask Broun why he can’t seem to file a financial disclosure? Whitehead filed long ago. Voters have a right to know about Broun’s financial worth if he is going to make big contributions to his campaign. Just another pesky rule. Maybe Broun is filing on the same schedule he files his medical license renewal.

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