1. Trackboy1 says:

    Great question by Erick. And it is broken.

    Harry Linnenkohl’s GDOT and the State Transportation Board love, love to dream huge and wax poetically about billion dollar pie in the sky projects, like 23 lanes at 75 & 575, or a freaking $20 billion tunnel under ATL. All projects that will make their road building buddies rich, rich, rich and take decades to complete.

    But for the nuts & bolts stuff, like cable fences on grass mediums to stop vehicles from crossing over and killing others, or synchronizing all traffic lights on state roads or at state highway exits and on ramps, they suddenly don’t have the funding. When that bus accident happened downtown, Linnenkohl got indignant and said GDOT met the fed’s minimum. Yep, Harry, you met the bare minimum, even though it was confusing to any out of towner, and then had the nerve to get pissed because you were called out on it publicly.

    Sonny Do ran on synchronizing traffic lights on all state roads & highways, which was a big positive in my eye, but I don’t think he realized the bureaucracy at GDOT wasn’t going to play that tune when he made that campaign pledge.

    And ask any transportation guy, and he’ll tell you cable fences would save more lives than anything single one thing you can do with roads & highways. Repeat, it saves lives. GDOT isn’t getting the top students from Tech and other schools like they used to. And they only promote from within, never going outside to get guys from other state DOT’s to bring in some fresh ideas.

    GDOT and the State Transportation Board have made non-partisan stuff partisan. Two unelected guys, Doss and Evans, shape and make pretty much every big road and highway decision in the state.

    If GDOT was getting the nuts & bolts stuff done, than they earn the right to dream the crazy big stuff. Just the nuts & bolts stuff that saves lives, like cable fences. Even the important but monotonous, gring it out stuff like synchronizing every state road traffic light.

    But they’re not.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    There are good things and bad things going on in the DOT.

    However, I don’t see the political courage from anyone on the right or left to really address any of the problems.

    What it needs is new fresh leadership and Board Members that are in touch with reality and not just prime political appointments of yesterday’s political brokers.

  3. Bull Moose,

    If you haven’t seen anyone with political courage standing up to GDOT, you’ve missed Dr Holliday & friends’ decade long struggle, open records requests and exposure:


    Click on the Road Design Problems and Opportunites topics such as:
    Eisenhower Parkway Extension
    Forest Hill Road etc

    btw, Forest Hill Road is 3 blocks from Erick and in his City Council Ward.

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