But he’s not a Republican. How can he be corrupt?

It sure looks that way, though, and this won’t help Rep. Scott.

Rep. David Scott has fired an aide who accused the congressman of having staff work for his campaign while on the congressional payroll.

Robert Merrill, who worked for four and a half years in the Georgia Democrat’s Jonesboro district office, told The Politico he was fired for contacting the media without approval.

Scott’s office denied the congressman has compelled staff to do political work but wouldn’t comment on why Merrill was fired.

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  1. and for every tit there is a tat or vice/versa. you can only get this kind of news on Peach Pundit or on the BBC:


    “A Republican senator has apologised for “a very serious sin in my past” after his phone number was linked to an alleged Washington prostitution ring.

    David Vitter, a Louisiana senator, said he had asked for and received forgiveness from God and his wife.”

    “Mr Vitter did not specify the exact nature of his ‘sin”

    -God & Jimmy Swaggert forgives DC Johns but will Grayson?

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