Broun – Whitehead debate.

Some highlights from the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer:

Jim Whitehead, a former state senator, said his proudest moment in the Legislature was a bill he authored giving pharmacists the right to refuse to fill certain birth control prescriptions critics say are akin to abortion.

His opponent, Athens doctor Paul Broun, said if elected the Bible would be his guide.

“I think every law is based on somebody’s moral beliefs and as a Christian I believe the Bible is the standard,” Broun said. “And so everything I do is going to be applicable to what my Christian beliefs are.”

The two also touted their solid support for gun rights. When Broun question whether Whitehead even owned a gun he quickly responded that he owned three.

Whitehead and Broun bickered over illegal immigration but ultimately supported the same approach: seal the borders and enforce the laws already on the books.

The war in Iraq came up only once with Broun saying that President Bush’s troop surge needed more time to work.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Wow! Is Paul Broun really running for this seat? It sounds more like Nancy Sheafer is.

    “The Bible is my guide.” That’s nice. Which parts exactly does Broun love the most? The “Love Thy Neighbor” parts or the fire and brimstone parts?

  2. Holly says:

    The Atlanta Press Club is supposedly going to put a link to it on their site, from what I’ve heard.

  3. kevpriest says:

    Is this really how voters in the 10th expect their congressmen to talk and act? The Bible will be their guide? Comparing how many guns they own? It’s not that I disagree, I guess, it’s just that I wouldn’t put these issues as “front burners” in a campaign. Perhaps the article is just exerpting the part that make this sound and extension of the redneck games down in East Dublin.

  4. I Am Jacks Post says:

    “Sell crazy someplace else. We’re all stocked up here.”

    Nicholson, in As Good As It Gets

  5. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Wow, I feel bad for the people in that district. Couldn’t they find anyone better to run out there?

  6. Jasmine says:

    Ya know,
    If you look at this after a while, Broun just looks desperate. He does nothing but attack Whitehead. He even took a question about movie ratings and turned it into an attack.

    Then he talks about him not being “politics as usual.” That makes me sick. The most “politics as usual” you can get, is to rely on attacking your opponent instead of standing on your own two feet.

    Everyday, I just get more and more sick thinking about what a creep and poor example of a “public servant” Paul Broun is. Hypocrite.

  7. abi04 says:

    Look at keywords Whitehead amnesty and see who is the politicaldoubletalker I don’t like the way whoever put this together spliced the lastpart but the words that adtually come out of Whitehead’s mouth at the table are undeniable

  8. Holly says:

    Why not look at Jim’s state senate record for how he voted on immigration issues? That’s more reliable than a YouTube video.

  9. abi04 says:

    The few times I have looked at this blog, the same tired names appear over and over. I have to wonder what Mr. Whitehead has promised these blog-sitters who don’t seem to have other obligations to keep them from being full-time cheerleaders. . He certainly has shown no timidity about throwing around future goodies even promising publicly to hire the rest of Charlie Norwood’s staff once he gets to Washington. This is, of course, highly illegal, but then again so is trespassing. And if there had been a jury at the debate, he would be serving time for perjury.

  10. bowersville says:

    What a stupid accusation. I come on here and voice my support for Whitehead as an average R voter and you have the gall to question my integrity as a private citizen and voter.

    Pure arrogance and ignorance on your part. Are you speaking on behalf of Broun?…that’ll get him some votes…thanks though, you’ve got me fired up…I’m gonna call everyone I know and us your comment.

  11. Holly says:


    You’ll find that most commenters on this post comment on most of the posts on this site. Why? We’re loyal PP posters, and many of us live in the 10th. I haven’t noticed you on many posts that don’t concern Dr. Broun. Does that mean you only come here to defend him? Shall we assume he’s promised you something? It’s your logic, after all.

  12. drjay says:

    of the 13 comments here-on this thread at least-11 different folks have posted–12 now w/ me–but o.k.

    look i like whitehead fine–i don’t love him i don’t want to marry him–he has occasionally said things to make me groan a little –but i’m sure i say things that make people groan every now and then as well–i lived in columbia county for several years and found him to be a competent county commisioner–when all the joey brush stuff came out–i, begrudgingly supported whitehead challenging brush (it was the right thing to do but as a party hack it was hard for me to get on board w/ an intraparty challenge)–anyway i never never met broun and admittedly don’t know much about him but he has always seemed swarmy to me and a little too ambitious–if such a thing is possible–i don’t see how saying he would keep norwood’s staff is that different from say bill clinton saying coumo would make a good supreme court justice–but i’m not a lawyer–also the broun people has seemed a little touchy on this forum and others–which i do find a bit curious–any way it will all be over in 6 days…good luck to all

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