1. RuralDem says:

    This is not related to the meet and greet, but it does have to do with Fred Thompson:

    Has any State Legislator or Congressman from Georgia switched their endorsement from one of the other candidates to Fred Thompson?

  2. GabrielSterling says:

    I don’t know about anyone switching as of yet (but I wouldn’t be surprised), but now seems like a good time to remind everyone of the amazing amount of endorsements that Fred Thompson has already received.

    Federal Officials
    Former US Senator Mack & Leslie Mattingly

    Statewide Officers
    Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine

    State Senators
    Sen. Eric Johnson, President Pro Tempore
    Sen. Tommie Williams, Majority Leader
    Sen. Chip Rogers
    Sen. David Shafer
    Sen. Jeff Chapman
    Sen. Jack Murphy
    Sen. John Douglas
    Sen. Cecil Staton
    Sen. Preston Smith
    Sen. Greg Goggans
    Sen. Lee Hawkins
    Sen. Bill Heath
    Sen. Bill Hamrick
    Sen. Don Thomas
    Fmr. Sen. Brian Kemp

    State Representatives
    Rep. Earl Ehrhart
    Rep. Ron Stephens
    Rep. Ron Forster
    Rep. Buddy Carter
    Rep. Burke Day
    Rep. Jim Cole
    Rep. Doug Collins
    Rep. Mark Butler
    Rep. Clay Cox
    Rep. Jay Neal
    Rep. Sean Jerguson
    Rep. Tom Dickson
    Rep. Calvin Hill
    Rep. James Mills
    Rep. Doug Holt
    Rep. John Meadows
    Rep. Tom Knox
    Rep. John Heard
    Rep. Tom Graves
    Rep. Donna Sheldon
    Rep. Melvin Everson
    Rep. Mark Hamilton
    Fmr. Minority Leader Bob Irvin
    Fmr. Rep. Chuck Harper
    Fmr. Rep. Barbara Bunn
    Fmr. Rep. Ted Waddle

    Local Officials
    Commissioner Esther Fleming (Newton)
    Commissioner Pat Farrell (Chatham)
    Commissioner Jerry Brigham (Augusta-Richmond)
    Councilwoman Liz Hausmann (Johns Creek)
    Solicitor General David Cannon, Jr. (Cherokee County)
    Sheriff Steve Cronic (Hall County)
    County Executive Ben Brandon (Dade County)

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