Fred! is Back

Rumor is that Fred! Thompson will be back in Georgia tomorrow for the Hannity Concert. After his take on Friday, he must love Georgia.


  1. Mike-El says:

    Isn’t a Lee Greenwood concert just one long bathroom break until he does “God Bless The USA”? Do the fans hound him for that song the way Homer Simpson and his buddies hounded BTO for “Takin’ Care of Business”?

    Homer: “TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS!!!! NOW!!!”

    BTO: (singing) “You get up every mornin’…”

    Homer: “NO, NO! JUST THE CHORUS!!!”

  2. yellowhammer says:

    If Fred decides to run, he may want to see if there is an age requirement for the first lady. If there is, he may be in trouble

  3. buzzbrockway says:


    I received an email this morning (which because of the way I have gmail set up, I read before I read the ‘Vine) asking me to help spread the word that Fred! was coming. I sent an email out to some friends in Gwinnett and came to PP to post it when I saw Erick already had. Clearly word was spreading fast to a number of people. It doesn’t mean Erick failed to give you a good ‘ole Hat Tip, in fact if I had come to PP a few minutes earlier it would be me you’re accusing of this crime not Erick.

    I know it’s hard to comprehend but there are other sources of information besides the ‘Vine.


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