Farewell Peach Pundit?

Update by Jeff: It does now, Chris 🙂

They should rename this site in honor of the only subject ever spoken about anymore around here, Fred Thompson. I’m surprised he doesn’t have his own category for me to select.


  1. Ben Marshall says:

    At least John Konop works to keep everyone on other subjects, like how Tom Price is pure evil, and Erick is a lawyer using his lawyerin’ tricks to out-lawyer us all.

  2. Nate says:

    Not sure what you guys are talking about. If Mitt or Rudy were coming to Georgia there would be posts about them too.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Nate’s right. The posts have all had to do with Georgia events.

    Brian, I don’t see you complaining about the John McCain poll results posts. Is the problem that you’ve picked your candidate, and now feel threatened?

    As an aside, that’s part of why I haven’t settled on one yet. No need to suddenly have reason to feel offended by everybody else.

  4. ugavi says:

    If I can count – which is questionable… If you go through the main page and 1 page back, there are 30 posts – 8 are about Thompson.

  5. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Um, Bull? Can we get a percent total of your posts in the last two months that is not about McCain?

    Now do that for any of us and Thompson (or any other candidate).

    Come on, man.

  6. IndyInjun says:

    Yeah, windbags are us, all of a sudden.

    The only way FT has a chance is if the Dems stupidly nominate Hillary, which they very well may do.

    If this is the way it is going to play out, I hope for an early resolution, so I can go fishing the rest of 2008 and plan a hunting trip on election day.

    When I read “Fred Thompson” I almost start snoring.

  7. John Konop says:

    Thompson Flip Flops on Abortion!

    Fred Thompson said he could not re-call being a lobbyist for pro-choice groups, National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association and added he

  8. Will Hinton says:

    For those who are front page posters and are sick of the Fred Thompson talk….guess what? You can do something about it and write about other candidates.

    My opinion? FT is going nowhere and is going to have negligible impact on this campaign. Long on style, short on substance.

  9. IndyInjun says:

    Drowning partisans grasping at straw men……

    Fred Thompson is a windbag, but don’t count on him providing reliable flotation.

  10. Demonbeck says:

    Seriously, how many recent threads were about Ron Paul? If a guy that far out of the race can garner three (or more) threads on this blog, no one has a right to talk about unfairness. FT has been coming to GA. Romney, McCain and the other guys have not (recently). (Giuliani excluded.)

  11. IndyInjun says:


    Has the tought possessed you that the main Paul thread lately started by Erick was a hit piece – hardly the drooling, fawning, eagerly-anticipatory postings for Thompson?

    There is a lot written about Ann Coulter on Huffpo and Kos, but I would not confuse attention with affection, would you?

  12. Erick says:

    Hey John Konop,

    Fred Thompson had a 100% pro-life record in Congress. What was your record after you beat Tom Price and went to D.C.? Oh, wait . . . my bad.

  13. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Indy, if you can compose a coherent, well-written, convincing piece on Ron Paul, I’ll post it on the front. Deal?

    Email it to me at first name at Peach Pundit.

  14. yellowhammer says:

    I hate to be the one to say it, but Thompson is a pompous jackass. I don’t know if anyone else here worked in DC while Good Ole Fred was a Senator, but I did and in dealing with him and his staff, I found him to one of the more unlikable members …. which says alot, considering that group. I realize we don’t have an ideal candidate right now, but I would vote for Tancredo over Thompson

  15. CHelf says:


    Reading all of the links there only shows when he was cleared to do FOREIGN lobbying. There is no proof in any of that mentioned that he didn’t start earlier. All that info posted shows is that he probably started foreign lobby work at that specified date.

    Thompson’s former partner at Arent, former Congressman Michael Barnes, says he did have conversations with Thompson about this.

    What it comes down to is neither side have cleared themselves or proved themselves. But it does not bode well for Fred since he’ll have to rely on some clean and detailed records of lobbyist activity.

    The trap for Fred is that he and his supporters will have to dig deeper into his lobbying career and thus drag out details he otherwise would not have to had this never come up. It’s a no-win situation for him because it will clearly tie him to DC and lobbyist work. It shows he’s not the outsider he claims and is in one of the fields despised most by the voting public. FredHeads already have dug up his paperwork on foreign lobbying. It shows he’s international and not just a DC insider. The deeper you all dig the more likely something negative will appear. Even if nothing appears, Fred still comes out the ‘epitome of what is wrong in politics’ according to the American people.

  16. When 8 out of the last ten posts have Fred in them. That is what Chris and Bull and myself think are getting ridiculous. I agree that Bulls BS is mainly about McCain. And Chris has offered to put Romney stuff up, but please lets not have ever FP poster posting on the same exact subject right after each other, or in Ericks case posting back to back posts on them.

    And Jeff, when Romney was in town I think there was one post, not 8 in 2 hours.

  17. Bull Moose says:

    I’ve done 2 front page posts about McCain and one of those was because he came to town.

    I’ve done 1 on Giuliani and that was because he came to town.

    It just seems like Peach Pundit has become Fred Head central and I’m afraid that’s going to turn off a lot of readers…

  18. Icarus says:


    I know between you and Demonbeck, you can even things up and have 12 Tommy Thompson front pages posts by 5:00pm tomorrow.

  19. JasonW says:

    Why is Fred generating all this buzz on PP? Simply put, it’s because FT has become popular in Republican circles. Who wouldn’t expect the most posts to be about the person, who by most indications, leading the field of candidates?

  20. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Brian, if it was my blog alone, and not one with nearly 20 contributors, I’d think about it more and maybe respond. As it is, I cover what I can when I’m around, which is in spurts at best. Sorry if it doesn’t help your guy as much as you’d like.

  21. John Konop says:


    You have no problem going after Romney for same flip flop video on abortion. Romney was never accused of being a pro-choice lobbyist by clients!

    You are a good lawyer attack me and avoid the facts with good spin!

  22. John Konop says:


    Nothing in your post disputes the You Tube video on my blog that shows he ran for Senate as a pro-choice candidate. That is why it does call into question if he was a lobbyist for the pro-choice movement.

    Erick and you will not let me post the link to the sources when I comment. The real question is why you and Erick do not like to deal with facts?

  23. CHelf says:

    But Romney has been accused, and rightfully so, of flip-flopping on just about every other social issue. Max Cleland was nailed to the wall with the gays in Boy Scouts issue. Perhaps Willard would like to clarify his own history with that as well?

    Everyone needs to find them a deep mudhole because we’re just getting warmed up to the mudslinging that will soon reach epic proportions.

  24. Ben Marshall says:

    See, I told you Konop would turn this into how Erick is a lawyer using his lawyerin’ tricks. That crazy Konop, always keeping it lively.

  25. Doug Deal says:

    I want Fred in the race, but Republicans will learn another harsh lesson if they try to bandwagon him to the nomination.

    The same thing happened with Bush in 2000. All the big Republicans closed ranks around him early and the legitimate contenders dropped out. This left McCain as the lone holdout, and look what we have been stuck with.

    If the Republicans try to build the hype machine for FT, and stiffle debate and competition to get him the nomination, it will end badly.

    Let FT be tested by Republicans, before he is tested by Dems.

    Maybe the FT press box can operate at half power until at least a major debate.

  26. John Konop says:


    I agree with free speech I am only pointing out the bias and how Erick manipulates facts or may make them up for his own agenda! Yet you are right, he has the God given right to do so!

    I will say I have not always agreed with you but I have never seen you manipulate facts to make your point! And as I said that is why I respect you even though we may disagree at times over issues! Also the party had a bog lose by you not winning! Like Sue Everhart, Scott Johnson and team you have a lot of integrity!

  27. Bill Simon says:


    In case you were not aware, you are limited to using (!) two (2!) exclamation points in any post unless you want your post to have a higher chance of just being ignored due to the annoyance of overusing them. 🙂

  28. John Konop says:

    As always you go personal and refuse to deal with facts. I am sorry Buzz for the mistake. I have never made a secret about being dyslexic; I hope you would deal with substance, not just personal attacks Jeff!

  29. jsm says:

    Wow. So much for the free market. All this whining about the attention Fred’s been getting is encouraging to me. Sounds like some on here support the fairness doctrine.

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