I think we’ve all heard stories about Michael Vick and the dog fighting ring. Well, the feds have escalated it.

Federal investigators are searching the Surry County, Virginia property of Falcons quarterback Michael Vick for second time in a month. As many as 15 vehicles with government license plates are at Vick’s property and agents are digging under at least one blue tarp in an on-going dog fighting and animal cruelty investigation. Also on the scene is a U-Haul truck and state police.

Someone was telling me recently that Vick is kind of a key in the underground dog fighting world. If you bring him down a lot of others will follow.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    We need the one true conservative in the race to fix this mess.

    On a sport related note, I might actually watch the Hawks with their exceptional draft picks. And thank God this year’s finals are done. I am still upset about how poor they were.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    You mean Atlanta has a Basketball team?

    Nice court papers filed Monday on Vick’s home.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    They do now, finally a Point Guard.

    Perhaps the one thing that has truly kept the Hawks from having the slightest bit of a competitive edge.

    However, the Hawks management is about as incompetent as they get (Shelden Williams anyone?), so I would not be the slightest bit alarmed if Law gets traded for a lesser forward than Horford.

    Which would lead to two problems.

    Most notably, no Point Guard and (and most glaringly if you ask me) an absence of a Center.

    Now if that happens, and I will bet that it does, the Hawks should be folded.

    Bloody piss poor management should not go un-reprimanded by the NBA.

    But, then again, the NBA is in such shambles, it can’t even perform basic functions.

    Let me leave the topic of the NBA and focus on the Tour de France, which starts in London tomorrow. The Tour at least brings me some joy. I predict the race will be won be either Valverde, Menchov, or Leipheimer.

    I should probably quit my sporting addiction.

  4. Icarus says:

    From FoxSports.com:

    A source having contacts with many NFL players tells Pro Football Talk that many NFL players are “incensed” by Falcons QB Michael Vick’s offseason misadventures, and that reality is prompting speculation as to whether Vick will face late hits, cheap shots, and/or other indignities between the white lines. — Pro Football Talk


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