The MARTA Review

It’s about time for the MARTA review. I’ve never actually been on MARTA. It never seems to go where I need to go. You’d think that they’d expand the train service and add a few more stops along the way.


  1. jm says:

    I live a mile from Chamblee station. Most of the time if I’m going downtown I’ll take MARTA. If I’m going to the airport, I’ll take MARTA. I’ve lived in cities where most people don’t think its odd to commute. What I’ve noticed in Atlanta compared to Philadelphia or NYC is that the stations are huge, and they are spread far apart. In other cities, where Atlanta puts one big station, we would have a station at each end. I think these grandiose stations are part of the huge cost.

    The other thing, it has to expand. Cobb and Gwinnett have bus routes into the metro area, its time to get over whatever fears you have and start laying down rail. Most of the cars at Dunwoody have Cobb plates, anyway.

  2. tribalecho says:

    Here, here, jm. I live two minutes from the East Point station, I work right off I-75, yet it takes almost two hours on public trans to go 15 miles because I can only take the train to the midtown station.

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