America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, Comes to Savannah!

Rudy Giuliani brought his campaign for the Presidency to Georgia’s First City today.

Perhaps as many as 250 people both young and old welcomed the Mayor to Savannah who came along with his wife, Georgia Chairman Speaker Glenn Richardson, former Augusta Mayor Bob Young, and a few other elected officials.

Coastal Georgia Chair Mary


  1. Icarus says:

    Nice objective reporting, Bull. You might make a good Rudy or Fred supporter yet.

    And I’m pretty sure “Shawn” Donnelly spells his name Sean. He’s a good hire for Rudy.

  2. MSBassSinger says:

    I would (I am not being facetious) like to have someone explain to me why I would vote for Guiliani.

    He is socially liberal, but he appears to be honest about it. I am a conservative, and I know social liberalism fails each time it is tried.

    He was unpopular in NYC until 9/11. Granted, given NYC, that may be a plus. 🙂 But where does he stand now – on all the issues? I am sure he has had time to figure it out.

    Will he continue to prosecute the war against our enemies no matter what country they are in (like Bush promised and failed to do)? Will he stop the nation building and get on with defeating our enemy? Will he take the handcuffs off our military and let them do what they need to do?

    Will Guiliani support the Fair Tax? Will he support strong Federal action to stem the flow of illegals – such as enforce current law until we get better ones?

    Is he for getting the federal government out of the way, and reducing regulation on business and individuals?

    So far, all I see in Guiliani is a socially liberal Republican who got good press for 9/11. We already have that in Bush, and he has failed us miserably.

  3. Hey Bull, we must have walked past each other 😉 Nice crowd and Rudy is a true politician.
    When asked about: He replied:

    1. What about protecting Georgia from terrorist attacks……I had a plan in NYC that Georgia should adopt.

    2. When asked about reducing crime in Georgia ……I had a plan in NYC that all cities should adopt.

    3. When asked about the Fair Tax….No, the system is too dependent on the current tax code, charities would be hardest hit, the loss of the home interest deduction would hit middle class…

    4. When asked about his gun control in NYC….It was necessary and as long as a state or local city does nothing unconstitutional he is fine with it. Sometimes you just have to take away the guns.

    5. He wants to reduce tax rates, we wants to SLOW down the growth of government, note, nothing said about reducing government.

    6. Healthcare……Let the private sector work it out, give a $12,000 (?) tax deduction for everyone to buy there own insurance. If you spend $2K you still get the full deduction. Let the power of the people drive down the price/cost of insurance

    7. Immigration…. basically begin strengthening the border, talk about “monitoring” and directing security to crossing points. Did not sound like a very solid border but more like the “electronic” border. then “deal” with the ones that are already here. Not sure what the “deal” would be.

    Bull, if I got anything wrong, please advise.

  4. BrianDart says:

    Disclaimer: I support Fred Thompson, but I have an open mind.

    I was also at the event, but had a different view.

    I was not impressed. Rudy only shook two hands, one walking in and one walking out.

    I heard several staffers make snide remarks. One told somebody to use the mic to ask a question because “thats why we have mics.”

    There was no difference b/w watching him on TV or going in person. It was a very unpersonal event.

    I guess I would overlook most of this, but he is in 1st place and his campaign was basically snobish.

  5. Romegaguy says:

    “Sometimes you just have to take away the guns.”

    I cant wait for the ads with that quote

  6. BrianDart,

    I did not get that feeling when I saw the Mayor at Oglethorpe. Obvious, I also am biased because I am behind WMR. But the Rudy event at Oglethorpe was small, personal and felt like a townhall. More than 250 ppl were crammed into a small room with Rudy on a elevated stage in the middle, where he wasn’t more than 15-20″ away from anyone. I walked out impressed, but still not convinced. He shook most peoples hands who were in his path. And even stayed around after and spoke with a couple of us outside his car.

  7. John Konop says:

    Rudy Hires Child Predator

    If this is true it automatically eliminates Rudy as President for me!

    TownHall-None of the priests were ever prosecuted or even identified because statutes of limitations had expired long before the district attorney’s investigation. Days after the report, Placa acknowledged

    Advocates for victims of abuse by Catholic clergy on Friday urged presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani to fire a priest who was suspended from the church and then hired by the ex-mayor’s security consulting business. A spokeswoman for Giuliani said the firm had no plans to fire Monsignor Alan Placa.

    Placa, a childhood friend of Giuliani’s, has defended himself for years over allegations in a 2003 Suffolk County grand jury report that detailed decades-old abuses by priests in the Diocese of Rockville Centre, N.Y.

    in an interview with The New York Times that he was implicated in the grand jury report but he denied that he had ever abused children.

    “There’s ample evidence showing that Placa consistently protected predators, shrewdly deceived victims, and covered up horrific clergy sex crimes,” said a statement from David Clohessy, national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. SNAP also contends that he abused children.

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