Hot off the blog press…

Here are some things you may not know about House Speaker Glenn Richardson…

  • Secretly switches out Hiram El Toro’s in house salsa with New York City made brand.
  • Never got a second chance to make a first impression after disastrous blind date in 1983.
  • Mysteriously shaved mustache only days after being highest bidder on unopened “As Seen on TV” Whisper 2000 off eBay.

Glenn will have to take me to court to get me to divulge my sources. Let the lawsuits begin!


  1. Icarus says:


    You didn’t want to stick to “he’s bad, dumb, and ugly” and let truth be your defense?

  2. GOPeach says:

    So Chris …

    You seem a little afraid that The Speaker is
    gaining some taction for the Governor”s seat in
    ’10. You are starting a little eary. 🙂

  3. memberg says:

    Item: Mitch Seabaugh seen at Newnan 4th of July Celebration. Scouting for some new talent? Perhaps the next Lana Turner?

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