1. Donkey Kong says:

    Forget the illegal immigrants. We need to export these florida punks first. Did you look at their picture??!?!? HAHA! What a bunch of tools!

    Mark my words. Revenge this October. Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno will make the UF defense look like fools.

  2. Rusty says:

    When I moved my car registration from Cobb to DeKalb last year, I first asked if there was a Tennessee Vols plate available. When they said no, I then inquired about what would be necessary to get a license plate for a given school. It turns out you can get a license plate of damn well near anything if you can find 10,000 people willing to pay for one. I had meant to hit up the local UT alumni association to see if they were willing to help me get a movement for UT plates going and had forgotten. This reminded me, so if in a couple of years you see UT plates everywhere, people might just have this blog post to thank.

  3. Rusty says:

    Point being, college plates for out-of-state schools don’t go to a vote of the Legislature. They’re treated as a private group. IBM or Coca Cola or your corner Megachurch could get custom license plates as long as they could round up 10,000 people willing to pay for them.

    So, if 10,000 UT supporters put down the cash, there’s nothing all the crying Bulldog fans in the state could do about it. The Legislature could change the law, but they’d be stupid to do so, as custom plates are quite the cash cow. So I wouldn’t hold your breath there.

  4. waterboy says:

    Rusty –
    They now have an equine tag available for purchase in Georgia. Maybe the design could show the back end of the horse instead of the front – then you and other UT fans could just get it since a horse’s ass is synonymous for a UT fan!

  5. Donkey Kong says:

    waterb0y – LOL.

    Rusty – If Sonny is willing to spend millions so that more good ol’ boys can fish, we can handle losing a few bucks to stick it to you guys.

  6. The Comma Guy says:

    I don’t think that it takes an act of the Legislature to create the tags – that’s already happened.

    And you guys know that Auburn is already here, right? From the AJC 12/28/06:

    Between the beginning of the year and Dec. 2, more than 5,500 Georgians paid an extra $25 to have an Auburn Club car tag. There were 43,456 UGA tags on the road and about 9,900 Georgia Tech tags as of Dec. 2. Both of those schools’ tags have been available longer.

    FSU used to have one of the old tags but I think that their support has fallen off. I’d expect UNC to be the next one to try and get a plate. It would be nice to keep the rival schools out, but I guess the State needs the money…

  7. Rick Day says:

    of course, no one has broached the meta subject on why we should have fees for license plates in the first place?

    Can someone quickly calculate how much revenue the state garners directly or indirectly from the citizen’s collective use of their own motorized vehicle?

    And because of this, the state has incentive to reduce traffic and driving because….?

  8. debbie0040 says:

    The Alabama Alumni are working on getting an Bama license plate.

    Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!

    Peach Pundit could have their own plate if they can get 10,000 people to sign up for one.

  9. Rusty says:

    If Jean Shorts University can come up with a plate, surely there’s enough Bama and UT supporters. I’m going off what I remember the DMV person telling me with the 10,000 number. It could be lower (like 5,000).

  10. Demonbeck says:

    Rick Day will no longer be asking such poignant questions. Moments after entering his last post – Tim Connell was seen performing the rarely seen “forget” function of the Vulcan mind-meld. You can see a picture of the incident here:


    Tim has apparently lost some weight.

    Oddly enough, the forget function of the Vulcan mind-meld is available standard on the iPhone – as is a Vulcan to French dictionary.

  11. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Heh. I love the Pacific Northwest like no other place, but if there’s a college football team with an uglier collection of uniforms, I have yet to see it.

  12. Donkey Kong says:

    True that. And, c’mon, what type of maskot is a duck? Almost as bad as a Hokie or a Buckeye.

  13. rightofcenter says:

    Typical Bulldawg mentality – “we can’t beat them on the field, so we’ll keep ’em from having Gator license plates.” And I love the way the Dawgs like to mock the Florida folks for their bluejean shorts, etc. Since 90% of the Dawg fans in this state never took a class in Athens (and many never took a college class anywhere), you can see plenty of Dawgs who fail the fashion test as well.

    Of course, I must confess that as a Tech man Florida has become my second favorite team thanks to the way that UGA is now their bitch.

  14. Jas says:

    This f*cking infuriates me….

    Why in Georgia, do we have tags of schools that are out of state?

  15. Jas says:

    rightofcenter – thanks for my daily laugh. Nothing warms my heart more than Tech people who have to jump on another team’s bandwagon to have valid smack talking points.

    Rave on, nerd.

  16. Donkey Kong says:

    hey rightofcenter,

    I must confess that, as a UGA fan, I’m enjoying you being our b*tch.

  17. Rusty says:

    I bet it took several to screw in the scoreboard bulbs required to display the 51 UT put up on the Dawgs last year.

  18. Donkey Kong says:

    “you can see plenty of Dawgs who fail the fashion test as well.”

    GT has a fashion exam? I guess you guys could use a class or two in how to dress, so its probably a good idea. Must be more like a mandatory lecture, though, because I don’t see how any of you guys actually pass it.

  19. rightofcenter says:

    In reverse order: Icarus, I can’t speak for all Techsters, but in my case you are sadly correct. Of course, I am married to a UGA alum and have three kids, so that may explain it. Donkey Kong, I realized I set myself up for that one, but even as abysmal as our record has been against the Dawgs the last 10 years, it’s still far better than UGA vs. the Gators. Jas, I could use the usual tired arguments about SAT scores, etc., but in this case I prefer to adopt the Dawgs because Bulldogs hate them so. And as far as being a nerd, you obviously never saw my grades or my bar bill.

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