Where are they now? Joel McElhannon edition.

I imagine at this moment he’s busy trying to help Jim Whitehead win the 10th CD runoff, but according to the Political Insider, he’ll be helping Fred Thompson’s still unofficial Presidential campaign:

We’ve gotten word that Joel McElhannon, the Republican political consultant who helped put Casey Cagle in the lieutenant governor’s office and Jim Whitehead into a run-off for the 10th District congressional race, is being gobbled up by the Thompson campaign as some sort of Southern coordinator.


  1. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    McElhannon is the best. Thompson will have a good asset.

    Congrats to Joel McElhannon.

  2. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    Well, I will say this bout Bull, at least he is sticking with his man unlike the rest of his team.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    I am loyal. I believe in John McCain. He has faced tougher odds than this and come out just fine!

    I will point out though to American Research Group’s latest polls out today where John McCain is still in a strong position in New Hampshire http://americanresearchgroup.com/pres08/nhrep8-707.shtml where he is in 2nd place with 21% of the vote and South Carolina http://americanresearchgroup.com/pres08/screp8-705.shtml where he is in 1st place with 23% of the vote.

    None the less, congratulations to Joel on his position with the Thompson campaign. He is the best political consultant on the ground in terms of Georgia.

  4. Icarus says:

    I’ll help old Bull out on this one.

    (Note that I predicted McCain would be out before Summer is over months ago, and haven’t yet changed my mind. But we’re still trying to coax Bull toward reality, and his loyalty is admirable.)

    If there’s solice to look for a McCain strategy, it’s in this line:

    “His attacks on earmark spending turned off deep-pocketed givers. ”

    If McCain became a one man Senate wrecking crew, and used every rule, trick, and maneuver to shut the Senate down over earmarks, he could get back into a love fest with the press, and get some cred back with the base.

    Too little, too late, I’m sure. But it’s worth a try. I guess anything is worth a try when you have nothing left.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Patience is a virtue in terms of politics.

    McCain’s determination to reign in out of control special interest lobbyist driven spending doesn’t gain you friends, but it’s what we need more of in our nation’s capital.

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