Grady Hospital Committee

The Speaker has created a special committee to look into saving Grady.

Speaker Richardson appointed Representatives Sharon Cooper (R-Marietta), Ben Harbin (R-Evans), Melvin Everson (R-Snellville), Penny Houston (R-Nashville), and Pam Stephenson (D-Atlanta) to the committee.


  1. Icarus says:


    I think the rationale is that Richardson wants folks who are recently familiar with Grady’s facilities (not to mention other City of Atlanta facilities.)

  2. Icarus says:

    I just got an e-mail from Rob Pitts.

    Why? I don’t know. Rob Pitts doesn’t know Icarus, and it’s a fairly new e-mail account.

    In it, however, he chides Otis Story for not responding to his letter of May 31st, to discuss proposals to close Grady’s budget shortfall.

    In the letter, Pitts proposes the following:

    1) Emory and Morehouse schools of Medicine write off the $65 Million owed to the two schools. (Mr. Pitts continues to be very generous with other’s people’s money).

    2) The state should contribute $20 Million from its $142 midyear budget “windfall”.

    3) The remaining $35Million should come from Fulton ($10 Million), Dekalb ($3M), OTHER COUNTIES ($7 Million), and “Foundations, Corporations, and Financial Institutions, ($15 Million).

    So, in summary, Mr. Pitts proposes to solve Grady’s problem with $13 Million from the people are legally responsible for this mess, stiffing creditiors for $65 Million, and browbeating the State, other counties, and corporations for $52 Million.

    While I agree that there is a real problem at Grady, and the state has a role to help fix this problem, I’m not really sure this is the best way of getting the necessary support to pull this off.

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