While Erick and Clayton enjoy their new iPhone…

Macon man Eddie Lee Perkins’ life is ruined. You see, Perkins waited in line three days for the iPhone only to be told they were sold out:

“You mean I waited all that time for nothing?” Perkins said. “Man, I been planning this ever since I saw that first advertisement in January. This was going to change my life. This could have saved my marriage. It could have helped me retire early. I could have got in shape. It was going to help me organize my closet. I was gonna get my garbage bills paid on time. I’d be able to know whether to get a Nu-Way with or without chili. I’d be able to maximize my income tax deductions. I’d a known whether to plant Charleston or Centipede. I’d know who to vote for for mayor. I’d know whether the hotel should go on the left or the right hand side of the road. I’d know where the cheapest Bud Lite in town was.

“But now I’m ruined. It’s all over for me. All because of a damn phone. Ain’t that some Steve Jobs?”

You think Erick and Clayton feel guilty? Nah, me either.


  1. Gmac says:

    Ahhh…. once again the sarchasm claims another victim.

    I forget where but I saw a lot of “I – ‘fill in the funny'” on a site that left me in stiches. I’ll be back with a link if I can remember where later.

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