The Georgia Featured Export Product Award

Begin the nomination process.

The Annual Georgia European Summit organization, in collaboration with The Georgia Department of Economic Development, is accepting nominations for the first annual Georgia Featured Export Product Award. This award honors the small or medium-sized company with the most potential for creating employment in Georgia through the export of a unique product produced in Georgia.

Nominations will be accepted from those that have a first-hand experience of the company’s business operations, product development and/or international marketing plans. Completed nominations must be received no later than August 1, 2007; nominations will be limited to entries from the first 150 companies.

The winner will be selected based on the information provided on the nomination form. The finalists will be contacted directly by the Awards Selection Committee and interviewed at their company location. The Annual Georgia European Union Summit organization will recognize and introduce the winner of the Georgia Featured Product award at its annual dinner program in Macon on November 8, 2007. A representative of the winning company must attend the Annual Georgia European Union Summit program to receive the award.

Hat tip to Vic.