iPhone — First Review

It is wicked cool and very responsive even on EDGE. On wifi, it sails.

I’m impressed. You have never seen email done so well on a handheld device, nor the web. Phone calling is very simple.

Initial cons: no copy and paste function and no direct access to the Address Book. But this thing justifies the hype.

Put it to you this way, my iPhone reached ecstasy because it realizes it is such a bad ass device.


  1. MelGX says:

    I got mine. Well, sort of. We dropped by the Peachtree Battle store at about 6:30pm, and were about 30th in line. Unfortunately, the store only had 20 phones. We placed an order and it should be here by mid-week. Fingers crossed.

  2. gatormathis says:

    And then on to the next day….when they will begin to “seep” out into the population.

    Like the lastest hyped video gaming system or “tummy trimmer”, all will want one. Or two.

    Next thing you know, “walmart” type stores will have them on clearance sale. Something else “new” will be taking its place.

    And so goes the world, or at least America.

    Where cold, hard, cash will buy almost anything.

    It’s July the 4th next week, the very basis why so much of this goes on.

    You buy what you want, limited only by whatever capital you can deliver. No government “rations” you out your “pretties”.

    It all comes with a cost, and don’t you for one minute beleive we here in the U. S. of A are the only ones doing it.

    But it sure seems like everybody wants to come here to do it for some reason.

    I wonder what that is……..

  3. Chris says:


    Are you saying 20 million illegals are here for Apple products?

    Air dropping iPods across Mexico might be cheaper than building a fence. And we can “self deport” the illegals by giving them an iPhone if they cross the border going south.

    There. Problem solved. Where’s my Presidential Medal of Freedom?

  4. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    I got the iphone Friday. Waited for three hours on a sidewalk, but it was well worth the wait. It was absolutely amazing.

  5. Bill Simon says:


    You have to go build some cellphone towers first…so, combine the cellphone towers across the border with some good fencing and we can have a wall.

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