More on the Broun Signs

Here’s the email:

Last night between 11:00 and 8:00 this morning, more than 60 Large Paul Broun Signs were stolen From homeowners’ private Property along Hwy 78 the main Road between Athens and Augusta.

All of the posts are gone too! This may be one of the greatest Sign Stealing missions ever Accomplished in one night!

Congrats to Team Whitehead.

Matt Stout
Sign Distribution Paul Broun / US Congress


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Do signs REALLY do anything to help someone get elected? Or, is it a psychological thing that politicos think the signs work?

    Any research at all on the impact of signs, bumper stickers, etc. on a turnout for a candidate? I’m really curious about this.

  2. memberg says:

    I’ve driven from Athens to Augusta and v.v.

    The “main road” is actually I-20. And the smart way get there is to take 78 to GA-22 from Crawford to, ironically, Crawfordville (GA-22 connects 78 and I-20).

    I point this out b/c 22 is awesome. Absolutely no one is on that road. I drove the whole 30 mile or so stretch one Saturday morning and did not see any other cars. For a while there I would just gun it up to 100, coast to 0, then repeat.

  3. Erick says:

    Bill, there is some research on the issue that shows yard signs can be effective, but only when placed in neighbors’ yards. Signs on right of ways have little impact, but both are more effective than billboards.

    The study was done by the George Washington School of Political Management, or whatever they call it.

  4. Misunderestimitated says:

    Let them whine about it. At the end of the day, when its over, it won’t matter.

    Whitehead has this in the bag.

    A) My guess is there aren’t that many homeowners along 78 that would allow it
    B) Even if they are in “private” yards, if they are in the right of way the DOT still takes them down.

  5. Holly says:


    I used to go that way home from UGA, but I stopped that after almost hitting a cow that was in the middle of the road. As I was rounding a curve, there was the cow, big as day, standing in both lanes.

    Definitely one of the top five scariest moments of my life.

  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    What an idiot. Dude, unless you have proof to back up your allegations, shut the hell up.

    Eugh. These Broun/Echols minions drive me insane.

    Besides, if they’re running low on signs, why don’t they use the leftover signs from the other 3 times this jack*ss ran and lost.

    And the sign guy has a title? The sign guy? Seriously? And he uses said title in his emails? Congratulations, dude. Your parents must be proud.

  7. JRM2016 says:

    If someone stole 55 signs that were properly placed on private property, that is a crime. It is also pathetic if it was done by a campaign that had 44% of the vote going into the runoff.

  8. GOPeach says:


    Look at DAVID SCOTT???? Have you EVER SEEN any more bill boards STILL UP in your life? This poor man is not ” Billboard Material” – not the prettiest face in Washington.. and yet…
    He wins by LANDSLIDES….

    Besides that stealing signs is illeagal!!

    I hate that these boys with all the endorsements have so many little thugs on their team – so so typical!

  9. Erick says:

    I note that I have not heard from anyone who has actually had signs stolen. And it doesn’t much seem like a guy so far in the lead would do that.

  10. Rpolitic says:

    um it just could be that a campaign floundering about looking for attention might accidentally take up their signs and then maybe just maybe cry foul. Hey is the a Perdue workign for Broun?

  11. bowersville says:

    “Look, I’m serious about getting my signs back, I’ve spent $100K of my own money on this race, that’s right, one hundred thousand dollars,” a frustrated Paul Broun stated.

    “Those signs probably don’t mean a thing to anyone else, but to me, well, they’re priceless as I’ve used them in each of my last three failed attempts to get in Congress. There’s sentimental value in them that can’t be replaced.”

    “I’m going to gain a lot of credibility by proving to the GOP I can run second in this runoff and I’m gonna show my strength when I put my show on the road against Marshall,” said Broun. Sniffling, “I’ll show ya.”

    “Lake Hartwell Fish ‘rapper,”
    best news source by a dam site.

  12. GOP Girl says:

    Had signs stolen when I campaigned for Max. You deal with it. Sux if it was indeed from private property. But if they were improperly placed on the roadway, DOT probably took them up, and if you find out where they dump them, you can go pick them up yourself. I’ve picked up many a campaign sign from Savannah’s DOT sign stack.

  13. tml says:

    If you don’t understand that everyone that helps in an election including the guy who puts out the signs on his own time is just as important as anyone else in the campaign – you are an idiot – and you owe him an apology Jacks.

  14. Jasmine says:


    helping is one thing. this guy gets paid $3600 a month to do it. not on his own time. he is a very heavily paid staffer for broun. campaign disclosures indicate that.

    If you don’t believe me,
    Look at page 24. That’s just for April.

    For those of you who don’t wanna look, it is their FEC detaling a disbursement of $3600 to Matt Stout for “April Sign Work.”

    Which he has got the almost every month of tha campaign.

    Just setting the record straight that he isn’t some good-hearted volunteer who should be owed an apology.

  15. Holly says:

    CRs are an enormous help, Daniel. No one working with the Whitehead campaign could truthfully say otherwise. We appreciate you guys!

    I will say that I think it’s bizarre to have the title of “Sign Distribution.” I’ve always seen that work done as part of the “Grassroots Outreach” department, which includes more responsibilities, but to each his own. I’m mostly just amazed that a staffer would be paid that much for putting out signs alone.

  16. Jasmine says:

    You’re all the time taking cracks at College Republicans, when they’re often not warranted.
    And don’t get me wrong, there are times when it is.

    Weren’t you a member at Georgia?

    It just seems you’re quick to throw those kids under the bus. Just curious.

  17. Donkey Kong says:


    I know Stout well–he is a good guy, and Jacks does owe him an apology. He’s remarkably hard working, and I find it pathetic that Jacks continues his attacks on people he doesn’t even know.

  18. Donkey Kong says:

    And btw, Jacks, I’m not a Broun fan either, just don’t attack people you don’t know.

  19. Lee Benedict says:

    Matt Stout:

    If you are SOOO hellbent that “Team Whitehead” stole your signs…60 of them at what, $120 per location plus the cost of the stakes (that’s $7,200.00 + stakes), given the dollar value, why don’t you press criminal charges? Since you accused Team Whitehead of committing a crime, you opened yourself wide, real wide, for all kinds of actions.
    Plus, wouldn’t you think that with so many signs taken from one stretch of road in such a short time someone would have noticed? I know that stretch of road all too well. Matt, your story is not believeable…especially the “Congrats to Team Whitehead” swipe.

  20. bowersville says:

    Everyone needs to settle down. The memo only says “Congrats to team Whitehead,” letting you by slick talk do the association.

    It’s on the level of nothing more than a desperate campaign trick by team? Broun looking for attention.

    This is laughable. It’s too bad that Stout allowed himself to be used by team? Broun.

    There is no way Team Whitehead, with 43% of the vote would be involved in this. And if Stout is as D Kong has described, Stout knows it too.

  21. I Am Jacks Post says:

    You guys are missing the point. He actually put “sign guy” in his email sig. In his sig file! That’s crying out to be ridiculed, especially after making a lame, unsubstantiated accusation against Whitehead’s staff.

    You know, upon reflection, I should apologize. I ought to have been more respectful. It seems I’ve forgotten my roots. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that my email sig included the following title:

    “Guy who holds one side of the the Stihl gas-powered, two man post hole digger”

  22. I Am Jacks Post says:


    I’m “attacking” your friend–the hard-working sign guy–not only because he uses the moniker “sign distribution,” but also because he thinks he’s clever for making unsubstantiated accusations.

    If your friend–the hard working sign guy–has proof that a bunch of Team Whitehead ninjas moved stealthily through the night and pilfered Broun signs from private property, well, he should be a man and share that information with A. the police, and B. the media. Otherwise he’s just a Broun hack getting nearly $4k per month to cut Tim Echols’ grass.

  23. MindyMay says:

    i think paul broun is a liar and is lyin about the signs. know why i think that? i just got this email from BILL GREENE:

    Why I Have Endorsed Jim Whitehead for Congress
    by Bill Greene
    June 30, 2007

    I have been asked by a number of my strongest supporters to explain publicly why I decided to endorse Jim Whitehead after I failed to make the runoff with him in the Tenth District Congressional election on June 19th.

    My reasoning is simple: Paul Broun, who is in the runoff, has a serious character deficiency — and to me, character is of utmost importance in this race.

    I’m not talking about all of the things we’ve heard during this campaign, such as the fact that Broun was raising money to run before Charlie Norwood had even passed away. While I know this to be true (I am a member of the Council for National Policy, and it’s a fact that he was buttonholing all of the CNP members for donations at the meeting at Amelia Island, FL, the weekend of February 2nd, a week before Charlie even went home to hospice care), my concerns about Broun result from more personal interactions.

    On Wednesday, April 25th, I went to downtown Atlanta and plunked down nearly $5000 to qualify for this election. The next day, I received a call from Paul Broun, asking to meet with me about an important matter. I agreed, and my wife and I met him at a small coffee shop in Hoschton, GA, on Friday, April 27th, at 1:30 p.m.

    It was an interesting conversation, focusing on Broun’s request that I drop out of the race, endorse him, and help him raise money. (I asked him if he realized I had just paid almost $5000 to be in this race, which should have given him a pretty strong clue as to what my answer would be.) I told him no, but that wasn’t the most memorable part of the conversation to me.

    Right after Broun finished telling me that he was opposed to “politics as usual” and was going to run a “clean campaign” with “no dirty politics,” I told him I had received phone calls from several elected and GOP party officials who had endorsed me already, telling me that Broun was calling them and asking them to switch their endorsements to him, help him raise money, and convince me to drop out of the race. To top it off, he was telling them not to tell ME that he had called.

    Now, as the head of a large national conservative grassroots activist organization, I’m pretty used to “politics as usual.” I’m used to all sorts of lies and innuendoes being spread about me by liberals, from the New York Times to People for the American Way. I’m also used to Republican organization leaders lying directly TO me. I understand that this is the way many people think “the game” is supposed to be played. I disagree, but I know many people think that way.

    However, when I confronted Broun with what I was being told — by people who had absolutely NO reason to call me up and tell me that — his response was, “Anyone who says I’m doing that is lying.” When I told him that people like county sheriffs had no reason to lie to me about that, he said again, “I’m not doing that,” then quickly got up and left.

    He WAS doing that. Paul Broun lied to my face, and when I caught him in the lie, he lied even more.

    I decided to move past this, and remained friendly to Broun during the campaign. I expected that, since he knew that I knew what he had been up to, he wouldn’t do it again, and that would be the end of it.

    The week before the June 19th election, Broun called me up, and told me that if I made the runoff with Jim Whitehead, he’d support me. I told him that, based on what I knew at that time, I could probably do the same for him, but that I’d have to let him know once we saw the results of everything.

    The next day, I found out from a strong supporter of mine that, unbeknownst to me, Broun had been going behind me around the campaign trail and seeking out my strongest supporters, talking to them over and over and over again to get them to switch their support to him. Along the way, he had been spreading some pretty vicious rumors about me to my supporters and endorsers — many based on some of those same attack lies from liberals that I mentioned earlier.

    Yes, I understand that “this is politics, so this is fair game.” But when someone has specifically said that they are opposed to “politics as usual” — and when they’ve been caught LYING about having done the same thing already — then I have to wonder:

    Just what CAN Paul Broun be trusted on?

    He says he opposes amnesty for illegal aliens. Is he lying?

    He says he supports the Fair Tax. Is he lying?

    He says he supports traditional marriage and opposes abortion. Is he lying?

    He says he’ll base all of his decisions on the U.S. Constitution, and to prove it, he carries one around in his pocket. Is he lying?

    Even Broun’s wife has gotten in on the game. I found out right before the election that she had met with the pastor of a church in Rabun county who was strongly supporting me, and set up a meeting between him and Paul — a meeting where Paul sought to convince the pastor that his Christian testimony was somehow “better” than mine, and strong-arming him into sending an email to all of the members of his congregation (the majority of whom supported me) that he “might” be voting for Broun.

    And finally, just this week, I received a call from one of my strongest supporters throughout this whole campaign — from the very first day I started running — who told me that Niki Broun had called him and told him that I had endorsed Jim Whitehead because I was now “on the Jim Whitehead campaign payroll.”

    Well, I guess that was the final straw for me. Let it be known: I am definitely not on the Whitehead campaign payroll. And I’m sick and tired of the POLITICS AS USUAL “games” that Paul Broun has been playing during this campaign — a campaign he’s obviously been running for years.

    One of these two men — Jim Whitehead or Paul Broun — is going to win the runoff election on July 17th, and be the next Congressman from Georgia’s Tenth District. When it comes to whom to support in this race, for me, it boils down to a simple character issue:

    Jim Whitehead has never lied to my face.

    Paul Broun has.

    Please vote Jim Whitehead for Congress in the July 17th runoff election. Thank you.


    i am definately votin for jim whitehead on july 17th!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. In 20 or so years, Catholic, Hispanic religion will maybe overtake Southern Baptists, what will your grandkids do then?

    Best half-sentence argument for separation of church & state in a long, long time -excerpt from MindyMay post:

    “sought to convince the pastor that his Christian testimony was somehow “better” than mine, and strong-arming him into sending an email to all of the members of his congregation”

    who elected the Pastor?

  25. abi04 says:

    Dr. Greene, whatever happened to you the day someone asked where your doctorate was from and what your disertation was on?

  26. Holly says:


    I think the point is that the pastor didn’t switch his support and didn’t write a letter on Broun’s behalf to his congregation. Also, I’m confused about why Catholics and Baptists came into play at all – the denomination of the church isn’t disclosed.

  27. Donkey Kong says:


    I haven’t asked him this, but I would guess Stout only included that title it in an email to Erick so that Erick would know what his relationship is to the Broun campaign, which, IMO, is certainly reasonable. He has never put it in an email to me before, so I think my assumption is fair. Trust me, if he included that in every email he sent to me, I’d be badgering him for it too.

  28. abi04 says:

    Greene sounds like a whiner to me. I mean, campaigning is competition. Support is like the ball in sports. You try to get it away from your opponent. Obviously Greene wasn’t an athlete! And strong-arming a pastor? That’s real believable.

  29. bowersville says:

    “And strong-arming a pastor? That’s real believable.”

    Yes, as if Team Whitehead stealing signs is supposed to be believable?

    Sounds like Broun is a whiner to me, begging for attention.

  30. abi04 says:

    If you think competitors pulling up each others’ signs is unbelievable, this is your bank calling and I need your credit card number to process your winning the Venezuelan lottery. And don’t forget the expiration date.

  31. bowersville says:

    Ha! Ha!

    Have you got 1st hand experience pulling up competitors signs?

    Sounds like it.

    Your little crack about the bank, a credit card and the Venezuelan lottery makes you sound like you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

  32. AlanR says:

    Thanks for posting the email Mindy. Greene’s comments are important because he doesn’t have anything to gain from all this.

    And for the record, I’ve never stolen a sign. Never. Not once.

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