The Cobb GOP

Bill Simon’s Political Vine email this morning sheds light on a miracle almost as amazing as the parting of the Red Sea.

There was a meeting of the Cobb GOP to discuss their annual BBQ and . . . brace yourselves for this one folks . . . it did not turn into a flagger meeting.

[air goes out of the room. Many gasps from many readers.]

I *know*!!! Isn’t that amazing?! Miracles can happen, even in Cobb County. Well done Cobb GOP voters. Well done. Were there an appropriate Bud Light Real Men of Genuis commercial for flaggers, I’d put it up and dedicate it to you.

But, about the only one I can think of right now is, considering the subject of your meeting, is the Mr. Indecisive Food Orderer Guy commercial.

So, Cobb County GOP, in honor of having the first meeting in six years without a flagger rally breaking out, I dedicate this to you: Real Men of Genius – Mr. Indecisive Food Orderer Guy.


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