Immigration bill dead?

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Is it really dead? Comments?


  1. Icarus says:

    Republicans won’t want it back because it’s split the party and allowed the president to finish neutering himself.

    Dems won’t want it back because they’ve already embarassed the president and think they can get a total amnesty bill when Hillary/Obama are elected in 08.

    Chamber of Commerce doesn’t want it back because they like status quo.

    Yep, it’s dead.

  2. CHelf says:

    Since no one will touch it next year, we will see illegals continue to pour through and thus give them at least two more years worth of amensty after all. All of the issues people had problems with illegals will continue and the same lack of faith people have in the government securing the borders will continue. The status quo continues.

    Businesses – cheap labor continues
    Illegals – door’s still open people. Come on in.

    Hospitals, schools, etc. – you’re stuck with them.
    Taxpayers – looks like we’re footing the bill even longer.

    So the odd couple/family of unions like AFL-CIO, lone Senate Socialist Bernie Sanders, and Boortz, Dobbs, Limbaugh, Hannity can all toast champagne for ensuring real amnesty and greater burdens from illegals to taxpayers still continue.

    So all of you illegals who are here thanks to expired visas please continue laughing at a fence or attempt at one to supposedly stop you. Honest, that fence down there will chase you down and send you back home packing!

  3. kevpriest says:

    Seriously, they couldn’t even pull a majority. It’s dead for this year.

    I could’ve supported some kind of immigration reform, even with a “path to citizenship”, but this was bill was handled so badly, with so many attempts to keep people from understanding the actual content of the bill, that I’m pretty sure we’re better of without it, if only to convince our senators that we expect more out of them.

    I’m not sure that’s the message they’ll take out of this, though.

  4. Dawgfan says:


    One winner you left out is the Terrorist.

    We have 12 million people in the US illegally and we don’t have a clue about who or what they are. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I don’t give a rat’s ass about the illegal here to dig ditches, but I am very interested in the one that’s here to blow me up.

    Surely, we can all agree that of the 12 million illegals there are some who wish to do us harm. In my mind the first thing we need to do if find out who they are. Then, we can separate the folks here to work from the folks who want us dead. So, could someone please tell me how we are going to do this without some kind of slap on the wrist (call it amnesty if you must) program?

    There are all kinds of things I could say about this issue but this is the most important in my book. It is so unacceptable to me that we have 12 million people here with no clue who they are that I can accept some sort of amnesty. I know that throws some people into fits, but look at what just 19 people did on 9-11. I don’t know about all of them, but weren’t most of the here illegally?

    Well, have at me.

  5. Painterman says:

    Secure the border like we already were promised for starters to stop the flow in. The 9 terrorist of 911 were know to the gov. as potential threats. If we could get our government to just do what it say’s it will do then we’re a long way towards not having another 911 event. It all starts with building the fence as promised. It would be the cure all, but it will be a start and I have no problem with putting the military on border patrol.

  6. RJL says:

    The yexploited a “fast-track” visa program we had in Saudi . While we can screen and investigate visa applicants to reduce risk, we cannot remove the risk of another 911.

    You are likely more at risk from a freshly-recruited Jihadist from wtihin U.S. prisons than from illegal border crossers.

  7. Dawgfan says:

    So you are saying that of the 12 million illegals here you’re good with not knowing who they are?

  8. Rogue109 says:

    So you are saying that with this plan we would have accurately found out who these 12 million people are?

  9. Dawgfan says:

    If your only purpose in being here in the US is to work, and you’re offered a chance to go to an office, do some paperwork, submit to some biometric identification process recieve a slap on the wrist and go about your life. Then it is much more likly we can seperate them from the bad guys. Perfect no, but better than what we have.

    Does anyone have a better idea?

  10. Rogue109 says:

    If your only purpose in being here in the US is to work, then you shouldn’t be here. This nation isn’t a job center; it is where people who want to be a part of the finest nation on the Earth can come and pursue the proverbial “American Dream.” Part of that deal is that you become a citizen of this country first, IMHO. Starting out by committing a felony isn’t the best way to achieve that goal.

  11. Dawgfan says:

    I’m not talking economics. I’m talking security. They are already here. How do we find out who is here to hurt us?

  12. jsm says:

    This is the perfect opportunity for President Bush to:
    1) make sure the 700+ miles of fence, promised by law, gets built swiftly.
    2) order ICE to begin helping local law enforcement by picking up and deporting illegals (instead of building outrageously expensive buildings with money brought to DHS by the Federal Protective Service).
    3) put a real military presence on the border.

    These things may actually revive an ounce or two of the ton of credibility he has lost.

  13. John Konop says:

    BTW the CBO reports said at best the bill only stopped 25% of illegal immigration. Senator Jeff Sessions said that the CBO admitted that after you factor in overstays it was only net 13% affective.

    Also the CBO projected in about 8 years we would back to having 8 to 9 million illegal immigrants!

    So how did this bill fix the problem?

  14. According to the CBO, this bill would’ve only reduced ILLEGAL immigration by 13% — while legalizing tens of millions.

    This bill was a disaster from the start. Enforce the laws in place now.

  15. Dawgfan says:

    oint of clarification: I’m not saying this bill was perfect. I am saying that I don’t know any way to get a handle on the security risk that is 12 million strangers wondering around our country without some soft of amnesty.

    Build your wall. Try to deport 12 million people one bus load at a time. Until then what do we do with the people who are hear NOW?

  16. John Konop says:


    This bill has nothing to do with solving the illegal immigration problem. The numbers speak for themselves.

    BTW the study did not include the fact that the bill was changed and did not require employers to check Social Security cards!

  17. CHelf says:

    How does a fence along Mexico stop Chinese coming in through ports on the West Coast? Or Eastern Europeans on the East Coast? How does a fence along the Mexico border stop those coming in through Canada? How does a fence along the Mexico border stop half of the illegals who are still here because their visas expired?

    How does ‘enforce the laws already on the books’ work when these agencies are already understaffed? It’s amazing how understaffed agencies can somehow track down 12-20 million people. While 160K US forces have difficulty sealing the borders of Iraq, some people think understaffed agencies now have some amazing ability to close down our border with Mexico.

    Fact is nothing will now be passed. Agencies will remain understaffed. National Guard units will remain in Iraq thus making them unavailable for border security. Illegals will still continue to pour through not only the Mexican border but ports and Canada. Thousands more will come here on visas and let those lapse.

    So again, have something that actually addresses the issue or have nothing at all? I see Boortz, Dobbs, AFL-CIO are more content with having nothing at all thus allowing a few million more the ability to cross over.

    Let’s look at flawed logic. Opponents say they have no confidence the government can secure the border and enforce the laws. If that is the case why keep that as the only thing on the table? If you have no confidence in that, why force this to be the only maximum ability the government has? If you don’t think they can do that part, why sit here and scream this is the only part you want done?

  18. Rogue109 says:

    CHelf: Hardly anyone is “pouring” through the Canadian border. Only 1% (literally) of the problem is up north. It’s the 99% to the south that is the problem.

    Dawgfan has stumbled upon the plan by accident: build the wall and then, indeed, deport illegals one busload at a time. Sounds good!

    Where will the money come from? Well, if pro-amnesty forces were comfortable with the bill as it was costing over 2 trillion dollars in social costs, surely they would be fine spending only 10% of that on enforcement, wouldn’t they?

    There is simply no flawed logic here. The government CAN enforce the border if they choose…they simply prefer to do nothing. And you can argue that the National Guard is in Iraq and, thus, unavailable but that doesn’t wash. Active duty Army and Marines can take part in border enforcement with an addendum to the Posse Comitatus Act for their actions to be authorized only within a 30 mile stretch of the border with sunset provisions that have to be renewed every few years.

    If the choice is “do nothing” vs. “do something that will achieve no real benefit, bankrupt the Federal coffers and leave us with millions more illegal immigrants in another decade” then I choose the former until leadership realizes that “enforcement first” isn’t a catchy phrase but a real way to deal with this state-sponsored invasion of this Republic.

  19. CHelf says:


    If you read correctly you will see that I did not just say pouring through Canada. Again, half to most illegals are here on expired visas or through legal means of actually getting here to begin with. So again, tell me how a fence along the Mexican border would address that? And tell me how putting the 82nd Airborne Division along the southern border stop that? Thiking this is just some fence issue along the Mexican border is short-sighted. You could turn that border into the Berlin Wall and you’d still have illegals pouring into this country.

    And also don’t forget putting up a fence does nothing to actually address the 12-20 million already here. Since the military cannot do anything about that, I suppose you want to have National Guardsmen pouring through the streets straight up Baghdad style rounding up the 12 million plus here? How do you determine who is and who is not an illegal? Are we going to support the national ID card? Security cards so we don’t mistakenly round up people who left their card at home? Please tell me. I’d love to know some more specifics of how this works.

  20. Bill Simon says:


    We don’t know who YOU are either…you could just as well be a well-spoken illegal alien who has been able to co-opt the UGA-fan moniker and discovered PeachPundit to work-on and hone your GOP “street-cred.” 🙂

  21. John Konop says:

    It is not just a illegal immigrants problem!

    When I ran against Congressman Tom Price I pointed out how Price was selling out American jobs and wages in exchange for campaign donations by co-sponsoring a bill (H.R. 3938) to increase the annual cap on all employment-based visas (not just technically-oriented H1Bs) by over 115% (from 120,000 to 260,000).

    Please watch this training video by a law firm that teaches companies how to disqualify American workers and instead hire low-wage immigrants.

    LD-According to the According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2000 and 2005, the United States’ employment for computer workers grew by about 332,000.

    During the same time period, the United States imported about 330,000 H1-B workers for computer occupations.

    The situation for engineers was even worse, with 95,000 H1-B visas issued in the same period for engineering, yet according to the Department of Labor, engineering jobs shrank by almost 124,000 jobs.

  22. Fine the ever-loving peach fuzz out of employers and landlords who hire/harbor illegals and you can deal dozens at a time. You don’t have to round them up. If they have no place to work or live, they will leave.

    They got here on their own over several years. They can find their way home over the next several years.

  23. Romegaguy says:

    WTF was W doing pushing this piece of crap bill? Is he trying to drop his approval numbers below Nixon’s?

  24. Bull Moose says:

    Thanks for the status quo!

    Thank you to Isakson and Chambliss for trying to engage on the issue, but jeers to them for not voting for the debate to go forward.

    I sure hope the far right and far left enjoy the status quo!!!

  25. jm says:

    RJL: 1% from the north, true. But the terrorists who we caught came through that border (except the stupid shoe bomber, I think that was British airways. Apparently the thought of going through the southern deseret for days is fine if you are looking for a better life for yourself and your family, but its not worth it so much if you just want to blow us up.

  26. John Konop says:

    Bull Moose

    How is this bill not the status quo?

    The CBO reports said at best the bill only stopped 25% of illegal immigration. Senator Jeff Sessions said that the CBO admitted that after you factor in overstays it was only net 13% affective.

    Also the CBO projected in about 8 years we would back to having 8 to 9 million illegal immigrants!

  27. jsm says:

    “I sure hope the far right and far left enjoy the status quo!!!”

    So the far right and far left are defined as 3/4 of GOP senators and 1/3 of Democrats? Interesting.

  28. patriot says:

    Mr. Moose,

    So you think it would have been better to do as Speaker Reid (D) said, and … not kill the bill, but “… let the majority have their way, and then vote against the final passage…” – when “the majority” would have needed only 50+1 votes to impose this Govt. sanctioned invasion and robbery on us?

    When our Senators finally started listening, they showed enough Courage to stand in the gap and publicly oppose the AMNESTY,

    Now we need to continue to hold their feet to the fire for enforcement of the ignored existing law.

    They can hold up as a shining example the newly enacted GA laws that other States are emulating. (The AMNESTY bill had provisions to PRE-EMPT our State laws. What happened to State’s Rights?)

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