The story keeps getting uglier

David Ballard, son of Griffin Circuit DA Scott Ballard, has compiled a few of the articles coming out recently into a note on the Chris Benoit case. As more details come out — including the staggered times of death, the way the family was killed, and the possible involvement of steroids — the story, and the events surrounding it, get uglier.

Fortunately, Scott Ballard is a great DA and is a great representative to have making the necessary rounds of national TV and print. Unfortunately, this media is coming as the result of an unbelievably tragic and grisly situation.


  1. liberator says:

    Now Stone Cold Steve Austin’s ex wife has come out of the woodwork to break her oath of silence about steroid and domestic abuse in the WWE.

  2. Mike-El says:

    The thing is, the business has never had a top-of-the-line, in-his-prime, superstar whistleblower. Even a former wrestling legend like Bruno Sammartino gets marginalized and discredited when he tries to speak out. And the current stars won’t say anything because they want to always be able to fall back on wrestling when other career options inevitably flop. Look how many times Hulk Hogan has returned. The Rock will probably come back at some point. Austin himself is still beholden to WWE thanks to his movie deal (yes, WWE’s in the movie business now). They’re almost like battered spouses who refuse to fink out their abusers.

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