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  1. And Visa is going public: Does Visa want to share their good fortune with all of their Republican friends or are defaults getting so high that they want to share the risk with mutual fund holders?

    Visa Reveals Plan to Restructure for IPO Friday June 22, 5:45 pm ET
    By Joe Bel Bruno, AP Business Writer Visa Begins Process of Going Public, Filing Documents With SEC

    NEW YORK (AP) — Visa, the biggest credit card network in the U.S., on Friday took its first official step toward becoming a public company, outlining to federal regulators how it proposes to restructure and combine its global operations.

    *-“Do not seek so much to find hte answer as much as to understand the question better. Lucky numbers 4, 27, 15, 39, 17, 6”

    *from fortune cookie taped to my laptop…

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