I think you’re taking it too far

Sure, okay. Good for you being eco-friendly. But I think a wind turbine in your Grant Park yard is taking things a wee bit too far. And I do think when you’re in a neighborhood like that, you do need to think of your neighbors too. As one of the liberals in the article is quoted, “It’s all a matter of balance.” A wind turbine with 6 foot blades in a historic neighborhood is just bad form. And, you’re not going to get enough wind anyway.


  1. tc says:

    Who cares about the neighbors? Gotta put up an ineffective means of “green” energy to please Gaia, the increasingly restless earth mother.

  2. Half a Billion will get you a gated community within the perimiter of Iraq’s Green Zone – there they go again…


    By Christopher Hawthorne
    Times Staff Writer

    June 15, 2007

    The location of the new U.S. embassy in Iraq is no secret. It’s pretty difficult to camouflage 104 acres in the middle of Baghdad — particularly 104 acres over which canary-yellow construction cranes have been hovering for months.

    And thanks to reports from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and various news outlets, we know the embassy compound on the west bank of the Tigris River will cost $592 million and include 27 buildings behind a series of protective walls. We know it’s due to be finished by the end of the summer.

    But since the U.S. government has declined for security reasons to name the embassy architects or release any plans, we haven’t had any sense of what it’s going to look like — or what its design might say about the nature of the American presence in the Iraqi capital.

  3. What I find amusing is how people talk about going green (turbines and solar panels) but have no clue how they really work. Edwards and his “energy plan” of windturbines and solar panels in everyones yard just goes to show how clueless these guys are. A few minutes at “How stuff works” would give them all of the data they need to see how ignorant their proposals are. I guess the point is to say something that sounds good vs. something that is realistic.

  4. ChuckEaton says:

    It’s either ignorance and/or just trying to make a left-wing political statment without really thinking through the technology. With some of these folks it’s not really about conserving energy, it’s about receiving kudos from your “twilight zone” buddies. It’s become a strange religion, where the success of the technology is completely irrelevant, and it’s all about how much punishment you can inflict upon yourself.

    In the summer months, which is when the electricity is needed, there is virtually no wind in middle and south Georgia – much less urban Grant Park. Perhaps he can construct a solar powered fan to generate the wind for the blades.

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