1. Erick says:

    Vic, I think the same thing. Of course the other two councilmen from the Ward could unite behind someone and get the Mayor to appoint a person to the spot.

  2. memberg says:

    Can you qualify for a state post while serving on city council? If not, she would probably just wait until the last minute to qualify for the special election.

  3. I don’t think so, we’re just going to be having elections every month til the drought ends or the Board of Elections Money runs out. Which reminds me, there is probably going to be an open seat there, once we teach the occupant what an “appearance of a conflict of interest” is, who are you speculating on? Don’t even get me started on “our” commish…

    BTW, please turn off your front porch light, you don’t need it during the day and the same applies to that dadgum umbrella. Once our sin city shopping center guests start running out of poker, bikini garter, massage & tatoo money, things like that will start catching their eye and will force us to gate our community before long… 🙂

    Meet me on the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail about 7:30 tonight, we need to talk and i need to get away from this damn computer before i deplete the city’s nitro glycerine supply… and we’re both getting fat again…


  4. Archibald Bulloch says:

    I guess this conversation is a little cryptic for non-Maconians?

    Are we referring to the notion that Elaine Lucas will run for David’s House seat?

  5. Right Archi,

    Macon has to have it’s own thread as we are fast becoming the intellectual & culinary capitol of Georgia.

    We’ve already got our own accent and official punctuation, all we need now is for Erick to take Office and lead the secession movement. We will be discussingthe idea on the Ocmulgee River tonight. But we’re throwing the Paparazzi off by not telling them which entrance we will be using. But if you spot a guy carrying a curved handle, long, drought umbrella, that’ll be Erick…

  6. liberator says:

    I suspect Lucas may have trouble getting enough valid signatures to get on the ballot. He will need 2,038 valid. This means he needs to turn in close to 3,000 as many will be thrown out for various technical reasons.

  7. joe says:


    “Macon…culinary capitol of Georgia.”

    Just where do you think Chick-fil-A started? Yall have got a long way to go.

  8. Archibald Bulloch says:

    As a non-Maconian, I thoroughly enjoy it. Especially the cool houses in intown Macon near Mercer.

  9. liberator says:

    The Nu Way and Finchers qualify us as a culinary city of international flavor. The lube job one gets from a Nu Way Dawg is like no other. Those Dawgs bark at midnight!

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