350 Turn Out for Goddard

A press release in to the tip line from the Goddard campaign indicates 350 volunteers showed up last night to help Rick Goddard in his quest to defeat Jim Marshall. I see a problem already shaping up for the Goddard campaign. They are too Houston County focused.

I know they think if they win Houston they win the district. But that’s not quite the case. And it’s one thing for the campaign to realize it and quite another for the candidate to realize it.


  1. steelfist says:

    “I see a problem already shaping up for the Goddard campaign. They are too Houston County focused.”

    Erick – I don’t think that is the case. It was his first fund raising event in the district. Goddard has already traveled to every corner of the district introducing himself and spoken to groups in Laurens and Bibb Counties and will be in Newton and Tift/Turner in a few days. I think what that event last night shows is that Goddard is getting the support in Houston County that Mac Collins and Calder Clay never received. If you look at 2006 election results, Mac underperformed the Governor and the Lt. Governor in Houston County and that is where he lost the election. With the strong support that Houston County is already showing to Goddard this early out, results will be different in 2008.

  2. Additionally,
    There were a lot of supporters there who weren’t from Houston. I saw Laurens County GOP tags and others as well. I think its smart to base and kick-off his campaign in Houston, near Robins AFB where he will exact a large victory over Jim.

  3. Hey if you saw a lot of GOP tags then you might be closer to the problem. Marshall has a relationship with the voters of the 3rd/8th/whatever that exceeds partisanship. If winning Houston county was the pre-requisite to getting elected we’d be talking about Congressman Mac Collins right now.

    But hey, so many people said you gotta win Houston to win that when Mac won it he probably got confused. Must be why he hasn’t conceded yet.

  4. redsouther says:

    I really hope Goddard doesn’t make the same mistakes Mac and Calder made in having virtually no presence in Macon/Bibb County. I can remember being doubtful about both Clader and Mac basing their campaigns in Houston County. Of course that was mainly because I was trying to help out as a volunteer, and kept having to drive down to Warner Robins from Macon just to get my hands on a yard sign or bumper sticker…

    Marshall has a lot of support from people who otherwise vote GOP in Macon, and until someone comes along and wakes those people up, he’s going to remain in office. Goddard needs to be drawing some attention to the fact that he co-wrote this ridiculously named, communist party endorsed, Employee Free Choice Act.

  5. ToddH says:

    Erick is famous now making it on Daily Kos. Not to many of us receive the privilege of getting smacked by a Kossack, you should be proud!

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