1. Rusty says:

    Steve Jobs: “Okay, almost ready to release this thing. How’s the software development kit coming along?”

    iPhone Development Team: “Sofa-whuh?”

    SJ: “You mean you didn’t write one?”

    IDT: “Huh?”

    SJ: “Damn it!”

    (pulls out a gun and shoots all ten developers in the head with only two bullets, because Steve Jobs only needs two Apple bullets to kill as many developers as ten Microsoft bullets would kill)

    (picks up the phone)

    “Marketing? … They didn’t write the f***ing SDK. … I’ve got it, just say the browser is the software development kit. … No, really, just trust me on this one.”

  2. Erick says:

    Rusty, I think that is probably the best description of what happened. I hear wild rumors of a couple of firms privately working on some stuff for Apple, but still . . . I need Ecto, NNW, and Yojimbo on my iPhone.

  3. Icarus says:

    No. Won’t be in line. Don’t even claim to understand Rusty and Erick’s posts.

    I still call Clara to have her ring me Andy when I need to call up the sheriff.

  4. joe says:


    Get with it. You are too old school. My new phone has a dial. I don’t need Clara. Just dial BR549 and ask for Junior.

  5. RJL says:

    loop the laugh track…cue theme….roll credits…cut to Newsbreak in 3…2…1… . And that’s a wrap.

  6. Chris says:

    Erick – I’m gonna let you and Clayton pay $400 to be the QA team on this device. Then once they’ve worked out the bugs (probably hardware release 2 and software release 5) I’ll start looking to see if they’re selling one for my provider of choice.

  7. gatormathis says:

    I have a 4 yr old Motorola i305, same battery and all, and it well used to boot.

    It has no pictures, e-mails, or any of the other new fangled stuff.

    It also has an annoying “echo” sometimes, and almost sounds as if the speaker phone is on, repeating what you say back to you.

    Most people keep their calls to me short because they hate the echoing sound. This saves valuble airtime minutes, and my time as well.

    Plus I don’t have to worry about somebody finding it and digging some of the e-mailed junk out of it that everyone is showing each other on their phones.

    I love my old “i” phone!

    Why bother with a new one?

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