A New Draft Effort!

This summer a great American retired from service to his country. 

For over 35 years, Bob Barker provided entertainment as host of America’s longest running audience participation game show – The Price is Right.  Now, the search is on for a new host. 

I respectfully offer up an effort to draft Mitt Romney to be the new host of America’s number one pricing game show – The Price is Right!  He’ll be great!  He’s already a star at the game of Flip Flop. 

Join the cause: www.myspace.com/mittforthepriceisright>

>[UPDATE]> >This is called political satire.  It is not an attack.  In watching the debates, I thought Mitt Romney looked and acted the most like a game show host.  There is only one game show currently looking for a new host – The Price is Right!  >


  1. Brian from Ellijay says:

    Clint sometimes you have to know when you are defeated. McCain is DOA.

    “Mitt Romney 2008”

  2. Bull Moose says:

    And we also believe that Mitt should have a role in American society and that’s why we, the members of the Draft, think that role should be as host of America’s number one pricing game show – the Price is Right.

    (Our second choice was for him to play Robert Wagner’s brother in a Hart to Hart reunion, but my sources at ABC tell me they do not plan to update the Hart to Hart franchise)

  3. Dave Helmick says:

    Why are you putting drivel like this on Peach Pundit Clint? I’ve always felt this to be a fairly relevant and serious political blog. This attacking the person marginalizes both the site and everyone involved in the issues.

  4. jm says:

    Yes, and please don’t put the word “draft” in the title, especially when there’s a war going on . Damn near gave me a heart attack when I pulled up my RSS feed.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    It’s not an attack!

    And, long time readers know that Peach Pundit is a great site for news AND political humor — just ask Demonbeck! (remember the awards?)

  6. MountainThinker says:

    Guys, take a pill. Clint deserves the chuckle; this earns it! Nice jab boy-o…

    It’s important to maintain a sense of humor amidst the fray!

  7. Jace Walden says:

    I respectfully offer up an effort to draft Mitt Romney to be the new host of America’s number one pricing game show – The Price is Right! He’ll be great! He’s already a star at the game of Flip Flop.

    Wow. I actually agree with Bull Moose on something. Seriously, he does deserve a chuckle here. This is funny.

    His idea also deserves some consideration, because Romney would make an excellent game show host.

    This attacking the person marginalizes both the site and everyone involved in the issues.


    Mitt Romney is a no-conviction political hack. He’s an absolute phony who is only getting attention because he’s telegenic. Now THAT was an attack.

  8. Dave Helmick says:

    To clarify- I never said it wasn’t funny- I dont doubt my good colleague Bull Moose’s comedic or political skills.

    Instead, I objected to a propoganda thread entirely based on ad hominem.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Listen, I’m serious, Romney is perfect for one job in America and only one job and that is the host of The Price is Right.

    He is so emphatic in his pro-choice credentials in those videos and now he flops over and had a midnight conversion to become pro-life?

    What else is he going to have a midnight conversion on? One can only wonder?

    It was best said by a friend of mine, “Hillary Clinton is almost more conservative than Mitt Romney.”

    Backing Romney for President is a losing ticket. Backing Romney for Host of the Price is Right is the way to go!

  10. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I say we start a renewed “Ban Bull from the Front Page” draft effort.

    Bull, your posts are consistently goofy, and yet they are also crap. Your belief that John McCain still has a chance shows that you A. have only a cursory understanding of campaign strategy, and B. no access to hard news.

    McCain has no money. He’s cutting 100 staffers. He’s in 3rd or 4th in virtually every poll (the “Murphy House Poll” is NOT scientific, so don’t throw that out there). His fundraisers have begun departing for other campaigns. His South Carolina operation is a wreck. Oh, and his 1st Amendment-trampling campaign legislation is now being overturned, piece by piece.

    It’s not political last rites, but the priest is on call.

    You’ve become a caricature. Stop. Please. I beg of you. Think of the children! Enough with the cut-and-paste posts. Enough of the blind optimism. Unless drastic changes are made, you will soon become the new Debbie, and that’s not a mantle one wears with distinction.

  11. Bull Moose says:

    Um, Jacks Post, uh, what have I posted front page about McCain? Nothing? This is funny political satire. Get a life man.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Hey and guess what, I’m not the campaign! I’m Bull Moose coming up with some ha ha funny satire! Some of you folks really need to get a sense of humor or step out of the kitchen of politics!

  13. JRM2016 says:

    I am Jacks Post:

    While I agree McCain has suffered setbacks in terms of fundraising and staff, I disagree with you regarding his South Carolina campaign effort. I think even if McCain loses the nomination that he will win South Carolina. Many of my cohorts in the Bush primary effort there in 2000 are back again, but this time they are supporting McCain.

  14. kendrial says:

    As a former member of the Free Bull Moose party and as a current member of the Draft Mitt Romney Campaign, I say politics and especially the politicians take themselves WAY too seriously!! It’s time for some levity. As for Bull being pro- McCain, we all know that is true, but it has nothing to with this post. And yes, he does add a lot more to this forum then just cut and pasted posts. Remember the reason he got kicked off the front page anyway? No cut and paster would be censured. So lets all laugh a little and join the “Draft Mitt for The Price is Right” movement!

  15. Icarus says:

    I do not want to have to spend any more time trying to free Bull Moose. Haven’t we done that about three or four times already? He’s out, and without the help of B.J. Bernstein, which is why he doesn’t have a book deal yet.

    I think Mitt is better suited to taking over “This Week” on ABC Sundays. He can discuss the same topic every week, but have a new opinion for each show…

  16. Dave Helmick says:

    Hey and guess what, I’m not the campaign! I’m Bull Moose coming up with some ha ha funny satire!

    Bull Moose, I can assure you that if you prove you are not now and never were affiliated with the McCain campaign than I will forever pronounce you both credible and ha ha funny =).

  17. jsm says:

    I really believe many in the GOP want Romney because he’s a good speaker. After 8 years of a good ol’ boy president who has a severe deficiency of communication ability, many just want a leader who can clearly define a course of action and the reasoning behind it and not come across as a redneck.

    I’m sure many will disagree with me on this, but it’s the way it looks from my vantage point.

  18. waterboy says:

    Cute 4th grade humor Bull….now, are there any 5th graders that want to post something that they think is funny – but isn’t?

  19. Mike-El says:

    I can’t wait until the first time Mitt tells a contestant that their bid “is a null set.”

  20. MountainThinker says:

    Poor Mitt just wants to relate to those in the “fly-over states” so badly…ol’ boy just doesn’t understand the difference between being smart and being an hyper-intellectual elitist. Ah, the plight of the Massachusans…such a pity…

  21. Bull Moose says:

    Thank you DutchDawg!

    Also, for those who haven’t checked out the site – you’re missing out!

    Check it out and you’ll be surprised at who our friends are!

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