40 Years of Eating Chicken

I did not realize they’ve been around this long. The AJC has some humorous tidbits about the “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign.

Cathy raises cattle on his spread in the Rock, Ga., 60 miles south of Atlanta. “People visit and ask where the chickens are,” he says. “There aren’t any.” He even has a cow train for children, with cars tricked out to look like Holsteins.

Not-so-jolly ranchers. A delegation from the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association visited Cathy once to complain about a cow billboard that said, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Beef.” Cathy, a member of the group, pulled the sign.

Seemed funny at the time. Cathy nixed one other billboard. The cows had painted a threat: “Eat Mor Chikin or We’ll Jump.” He heard from suicide prevention activists and had the slogan retired.

Hail to the beef. Cathy gave a rocking cow —- his version of a rocking horse —- to George and Barbara Bush. He has a photo of the former president with his bovine toy.


  1. Mike-El says:

    I once spotted Mr. Cathy in a waiting room at Emory (hey, he had just been introduced at halftime of the Peach…errr…Chick-Fil-A Bowl broadcast…I recognized him). Mostly as a goof to impress an idiot friend, I went up and introduced myself and told him how much I loved his product. People…the man received me like a long lost grandson. A top-notch sweetheart, that guy.

  2. Icarus says:

    It’s real easy to get jaded when you work in or around politics. You tend to expect that most people are all hype, and the real person is never anywhere close to their press write ups.

    As Mike-El states above, Mr. Cathy is one of a very few who I have encountered that has consistently met the very high and public expectations he sets for himself. He is the real deal.

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