Peach Pundit most influential political blog in Ga.

Well we already knew that, but confirmed it using their secret formula. The current Top 10 are:

1 Peach Pundit
2 Going Through the Motions
3 The Spacey Gracey Review
4 Political Insider |
5 Fresh Loaf
6 Audacity
7 Drifting Through The Grift
9 Radical Georgia Moderate
10 The Buzz Blog


  1. hmm, i’m starting to wonder if McClatchy-MNI is interested in selling out to Yahoo-YHOO…

    with 3.2 billion in debt and 19.5 million in cash, somethings going to have to give pretty soon…

    would be willing to bet there is a big July 4 family reunion in Sacramento…

    all things connected yanno…

  2. Bill Simon says:


    I know you are trying to find the right words to thank me for helping to generate posts on your blog. So, You’re Welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. drjay says:

    that’s an odd list–the #2 blog does not appear very political at all, and i like grayson and read her blog but she does an awful lot of nonpolitical stuff too–to be #3 ahead of even the guys at the ajc…it makes one wonder about the old secret formula–the secret sauce in a big mac is just thousand island dressing no matter how much the folks at mcdonalds try to deny it…

  4. griftdrift says:

    Here’s part of the email I received from BlogNetNews that everyone seems to be ignoring.

    “What you’re seeing isn’t a final product, we have improvements underway to strengthen our data and we’ll be tracking the results closely over the next few months to try to learn how we can make this more accurate and reliable. Remember that because these are weekly rankings — based only on seven days data — small and new blogs can have really good showings from time to time while older, more established blogs will show their strength by staying in the top 20 from week to week.”

    In any data driven endeavor, sorting depends on the amount of data on hand. With a small amount, outliers will be more prevalent. They only have one week of data. Give it a month and it will start to sort out.

    But what do I care? I’m beating Rusty, Jason and Buzz! BOOYAH!

  5. drjay says:

    “Hereโ€™s part of the email I received from BlogNetNews that everyone seems to be ignoring.”

    i did not get an email to ignore at all–i only have buzz’s post to base an opinion on, and some of these blog’s do not seem overly political–based on my experiences perusing them

  6. griftdrift says:

    dtjay, I believe all those on the list received the email. The point is results are only as good as the data. The creators of this thing even admit their data set is still very small and would create some unusual results.

    In the end I’m sure Peach Pundit will find its way to where it belongs and perhaps that will be the top of the heap.

    As for the non-political blogs, they make no secret about their nature. Doesn’t make them any less relevant to their audiences.

  7. drjay says:

    if you follow buzz’s link you can read the list down to like 20–and the title specifically references “political blogs” so it would seem important to me that they actually be policital blogs and as buzz noted peach pundit is #1. i was just making an observation about the list–i love lists like these and enjoy arguing w/ folks things like whether “pulp fiction” is really the #94 movie of all time or deserves to be higher, or if “sgt pepper” is really the greatest album of all time as proclaimed by rolling stone magazine in 1987.

  8. Erick,

    Blognetnews won’t add Georgia Improper to their blogroll in it’s current form, see if you can exercise some influence on them damn yankees. And tell em the civil war would just be a gleam in the daughter’s of the confederacy’s eyes if it weren’t for photographs.


  9. 6/27/07

    MNI up 1.03 (4.25%) on 2.5x average daily volume. Wondering if -ee
    -pp moves the financial markets and sells compact fluorescent light bulbs too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    MNI getting support near a 10 year low though if it breaks that, next support site around 20, then we can reasess.

    Rupert’s fixing to snag the WSJ, most likely today’s move is from speculators wondering who is next and from MNI’s cash to debt ratio, which requires almost immedate miracles. Media Monopoly Mega Consolidation, here we come. Startin to feel like the late 1920’s all over again…

    Dang, Vanguard is now using a compact fluorescent as their logo, first Georgia Improper declared 2007 as “Year of the Compact Fluorescnet” then Georgia Power plastered it all over their billboards and envelopes, then GI started posting on -PP, now this…

  10. Demonbeck says:

    Oh, and you’re welcome Erick. Ungrateful Swedish bastard.

    Don’t I thank you for those delicious Chik’n’minis?

  11. Erick,

    It appears CNN is reading our correspondence but not giving credit to the Intellectuals of the Ocmulgee. Remember you heard it first from the Intellectual, Culinary and Compact Fluorescent Capitol of the 1) South? 2) Southeast? 3) Country? 4) World?
    5) Universe? – Macon, Bibb County, Georgia USA

    Next Georgia Improper via Peach Pundit mystical projection: Blognetnews’ offices will be illuminated with CFs by late mid-summer… But their offices will still be windowless, they will still be paying too much for too little in Virginia/DC and there will be no photographic artwork on their sterile walls.


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