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Yesterday, I did a lot of surfing around to various local newspapers. I know several of you noticed that by 9:30 yesterday morning the site was filled with lots of new posts. I went newspaper by newspaper. But then, after I had done that, I went over to Georgia Daily Digest and, as usual, they had pretty much every article I had linked to. Think of the time I could have saved! Think of the time you could save.

The Fitzpatrick & Lewis project is, bar none save my RSS reader, the best way to skim the papers in this state.

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  1. Randy Lewis says:

    Erick: Thanks much for the hat tip. Sandy and I really enjoy putting both digests together each morning. (We do it at the breakfast table in about two hours). The response has been great. We frequently get asked about our stats and thought we’d take this opportunity to share some.

    The digests get approximately 1,200 to 1,400 unique readers a day. Over the course of a week, we get about 1,800 unique readers. Our single largest reader block is journalists from newspapers, television stations and radio stations across the state. They are followed by elected officials, business leaders, association executives, bloggers, politicos, lobbyists, civic leaders and academics.

    We don’t make political judgements on what to include or leave out. If it is Georgia news, or a local/regional news article that we think could easily boil up to statewide interest, we include it in the day’s news.

    We really appreciate the kind comments from the blogging community. It is very encouraging for us, epecially on those Saturday and Sunday mornings when we would rather be doing something else. We are committed to keeping the digest free for all to use. For those people who would like to know more about us, you can visit our company web site at

    Thanks to you and everyone who reads Georgia Daily and Georgia Political

    Randy Lewis & Sandy Fitzpatrick

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