That’s Awesome

Congrats again to David Shafer and the others who pushed hard to move this bill forward.

An AT&T spokesman said his company is developing plans to offer TV service in Georgia with a new state law that will allow providers to negotiate state-issued franchises.

“We are evaluating our business plans for competition in Georgia,” said Ted Wagnon, a spokesman for AT&T, the leading company behind the law.

The law allows video providers to avoid time-consuming negotiations over franchises with local governments. Companies that negotiate with the state must lay out for Georgia officials which areas they wish to cover and agree to pay a franchise fee requested by the local governments in that region.

Increased competition will benefit all of us.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Until the competing forces start gobbling-up others to re-form itself into one monopoly again.

    Curious question…does the new law call for AT&T stringing new cable to parallel the existing cable on a street?

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