Take up the AC 360 Challenge on Earmarks

I’m not much of taking up media driven causes but this one caught my eye.  Anderson Cooper of AC 360 on CNN is “Keeping them Honest” in Washington by seeking to reveal ALL of the earmarks of ALL 435 Members of the US House of Representatives. 

I’m taking the bait and I’m challenging everyone here at the Peach Pundit to do likewise.  Call your Member of Congress and ask to be sent the list of their earmarks.  If they’ve been in a long time, ask for a recap of all the earmarks. 

We have 13 Members of Congress representing Georgia.  We deserve to know what earmarks they have requested and received.  Not all earmarks are bad, but there needs to be A LOT of transparency to the process. 

In case you’re not familiar with our Representatives they are: 1) Jack Kingston, R (member of appropriations committee 2) Sanford Bishop, D (member of appropriations committee 3) Lynn Westmoreland, R 4) Hank Johnson, D 5) John Lewis, D 6) Tom Price, R 7) John Linder, R  8] Jim Marshall, D 9) Nathan Deal, R 10) vacant 11) Phil Gingrey, R 12) John Barrow, D 13) David Scott, D

Report back on what you find out! 


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Agree Jeff — they should all make them available on their website and just not let it become an issue. The secrecy is what is disturbing. Especially if you think back to the whole Abramoff/Cunningham/Ney and still ongoing Abramoff/Doolittle/Feeney earmark scandal.

    It’s not really a partisan issue and Republicans and Democrats would be wise to cast stones against one another as they both are living in glass houses on this issue.

  2. RuralDem says:

    Not an Obama fan at all, but I think it’s really great that he disclosed all the earmark information.

    Hopefully we’ll see more members of both chambers do the same.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    I’ve got $25 that says Tom Price will NOT disclose his earmarks. Who wants to put-up $25 saying he will disclose his, and actually does?

  4. Holly says:

    Sorry, Bill. You’re going to owe someone a lot of money here. . .

    I got this link from the guys over at SavetheGOP.com. Apparently, Tom Price is the only Georgia Rep who’s stepped up to the plate to disclose his earmarks. Nathan Deal did even better by not requesting any. The rest either 1) refused to disclose or 2) didn’t answer.

    What’s up with Lynn Westmoreland? I am fond of him, but there’s a big “no” next to him on the responses. That seems odd to me, especially since Tom Price disclosed his.

  5. ToddH says:


    I noticed that the link stated that Nathan Deal was one of the six that did not request any earmarks, but notice the statement:

    “Six members of the House said they had no earmark requests.”

    I think the operative word is SAID. Politicians can say a lot of things, doesn’t always make it true.

    Check this out. I’ll quote from the article:

    “Catoosa, Dade and Walker counties could get a new regional communications system for law enforcement if federal lawmakers approve the $5.8 million request from 9th District U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Ga.

    “The request is among a list of earmarks Rep. Deal unveiled this week. Earmarks are proposals added to an appropriations bill, which the U.S. House is debating, that direct federal funding toward specific projects.”

    Oh boy. It doesn’t stop there:

    “Rep. Deal also requested $2 million for improvements to Highway 9 south of Cumming, Ga., and $1.6 million for a Highway 136 bridge replacement over Talking Rock Creek.”

    Wow. I wonder what sophistry Deal will use to claim that these are not earmarks b/c it sure looks like some oinkers to me.

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Well, there is no excuse for not making the earmarks public.

    I don’t really have that bad of a time with the earmarks in general, just make them public so we know what’s going on.

    We’ll know a lot more come Monday.

  7. John Konop says:

    The real issue is why do we need EARMARKS? I saw Tom Price in my debate brag about the pork how he brought him via the highway bill, energy bill…. and many GOP office holders and party leaders gave him a standing ovation! For many so called conservatives look in the mirror and you will see the problem!

    The reason I became a Republican is I read about Barry Goldwater in college. Do you think Goldwater could get elected at any office in the current GOP? That is why many of us do not know what party we are in anymore!

  8. Dave Helmick says:

    Bull Moose, once the immigration matter is over (if ever?), we’ll all have to give full attention to this. Amazing that there are legislators who vote against all transparency in earmarks and spending. Is there any legitimate reason to not be for this?

  9. Bull Moose says:

    John Barrow’s office took my name and number and said someone will be getting back to me. The odd thing was though they wanted the name of my employer. I thought that was weird.

  10. atlantaman says:

    I’m trying to figure out why disclosing earmarks is going to put pressure on any politician. Isn’t this list just going to act as one big advertisement for the bacon any given representative was able to bring back home to his district?

    They’ll probably be referring to Anderson Cooper’s list in future political ads as a testament to all the hard work they’ve done for their respective districts.

  11. atlantaman says:

    The only one that has been mentioned that has shown any courage is Obama, since he’s running for President the folks outside of Illinois could be potentially turned off by a bunch of pork.

    All the other politicians should be begging to get on this list since it serves as a nifty ad for all the “work” they’ve done for their district.

    I can see Whitehead’s reelection ad in a year. “In only one year Jim Whitehead has made an impact in Washington for the people of the 10th Congressional district. Getting $10 million in much needed federal funds on vitally important projects such as the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame – source: Anderson Cooper 360”

    I’m finding it amusing that people would think it takes any guts to be on this list. Isn’t the whole point of pork to brag to your constiuents about all the money you’ve brought home to the district?

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