I Shouldn’t Laugh At This

No, no. I really shouldn’t. I can put up with Bill and Buzz’s scorn. But then there’s the wife to deal with.

The Ramblin’ Wreck is very much the latter, smashed on the left side with a roof to match. But Georgia Tech’s iconic 1930 Ford Model A may soon ramble again as former drivers and loyal sympathizers pledge its rescue.

It was not a pretty picture when the car broke free of trailer straps Friday on the way to Savannah for a wedding. Huge concerns about the cost and feasibility of repairs arose as estimates ran from $15,000 to $30,000.

Yet donations are flowing, and a unique reconstruction crew is forming.

Just don’t expect any pictures until it’s rebuilt. The Ramblin’ Reck Club, a group of 20 Tech students that cares for the car, won’t have that. They don’t care for the idea of “rabid rivals” —- to use a label found on Tech message boards —- using the photos deviously.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Ahh, we Techies don’t get as incensed about thesethings as you might think.

    HOWEVER, if this had been a story about something bad happening to Uga, OnlineAthens, Mark Bradley with the AJC, the MDJ and papers up and down the state would be covering the story, all the while BullDawg Nation wept in sorrow for days or WEEKS on end.

  2. rightofcenter says:

    On this subject you are absolutely right. For instance, just notice how the AJC is wetting its collective pants over the possibility that Larry Munson may actually do what all 84 years old should do (or should have done long ago) – retire.

  3. Icarus says:

    “our mascot doesn’t like himself in public.”


    sounds like therapy might be in order.

    As a caring UGA fan, where can I send some bondo and duct tape?

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