GOP Endorsers for Whitehead

Political Insider has the details.

GOP organizations in nine of the 21 counties within the district endorsed Whitehead over Paul Broun of Athens, who came in second in the June 19 vote.

They were Richmond, Columbia, Lincoln, McDuffie, Putnam, Elbert, Stephens, Madison, and Towns.

This is more important than it sounds. With some exceptions, the nine counties generally run up the eastern-most side of the district, from Augusta north. On Tuesday, they produced 53 percent of the 54,229 votes counted to date.


  1. DAMY46 says:

    Like I said—-Paul can’t win…

    He should withdraw and endorse Whitehead…

    That would build him support (for the next race)

    He is wasting his time and money here…………

    70%—Jim Bo

  2. GeorgiaEagle says:

    Hey ’46,

    The people in the grassroots caught on to what was happening in DC by 2006 – they didn’t get conservative governance and the GOP paid for it by losing Congress. Whitehead has already proven on the campaign trail that he is truly pro-amnesty for illegal aliens who have “great work ethics”; we can thank Bill Greene for helping us see Whitehead’s duplicity.

    Is the leadership of these Georgia GOP organizations insane? (You know the old joke about the definition of insanity: doing something that fails again and again and expecting different results.) But since the meaning of “conservative” has changed since 2000, maybe this isn’t insanity. Perhaps a Whitehead win is a positive step toward building support in the House of Representatives for our conservative Republican President when the Senate finally caves and gives him the conservative amnesty bill he wants. And afterwards most conservative leaders in the Georgia GOP will line up to support these conservatives in 2008 (with Giuliani/Romney at the top of the list) because it’s all about winning.


  3. DAMY46 says:

    Paul will be ‘toast’ —if the Athens Banner-Herald endorses Whitehead..

    Also, Rudy and Mitt have no ‘sex appeal’..(Fred will knock them out)

  4. AlanR says:

    GeorgiaEagle — would you rather have a conservative who meets a payroll every week and pays his taxes and is still married to the same wife 100 years later — or the one who has been married, well, more than once, bankrupt, can’t figure out when to renew his medical license, and has run three times in the past, and all told still hasn’t gotten as many votes as Whitehead got in the primary. Well, I didn’t really count the votes, but . . . you need to stop drinking the Cool Aid.

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