1. Bill Simon says:

    It shows that I can compartmentalize my disagreements with people like you and Erick, et al. and still support good things for the blog.

    It means I don’t take things personally. The same cannot be said for Ben or Donkey Kong.

    But, I know you are like me in that you hold no grudges based on arguments on a blog. So, I’ll retract your name from my list above. 🙂

  2. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Haha. Thanks Bill. It’s true.

    Oh, and I can vouch for DK. He’s a good fella too, as I’m sure Ben is as well, though I don’t know him personally.

  3. Donkey Kong says:

    Bill, I don’t take things personally. What bothers me is when you constantly act in a way that is harmful to our cause. It just doesn’t make sense. If you care about the cause more than yourself, you’ll start acting in a way that produces real results. Your method is counterproductive, and people that would otherwise consider being active in the party are turned off by your attitude and spiteful approach. THAT IRRITATES ME TO NO END.

    You and I don’t matter. Its our principles that affect millions of lives, and if your attitude is harming our ability to recruit, reform, and re-energize our party, with the goal of furthering the conservative cause, then you bet I’m going to be irritated with you.

    Yes, I’m a fella.

  4. Bill Simon says:


    If you think that what goes on on this blog affects the thousands of voters out there, then you either:

    a) have been spending too much time on this blog…and/or

    b) have not spent enough time in the real world of working with/on campaigns.

    What goes on on this blog or via e-mails is just a political sideshow.

    It’s the Twilight Zone of the real political arena: it is interesting to those involved, but has no real impact on any real election outcomes.

  5. Donkey Kong says:


    Ok, I admit, I assumed. Not that this blog will have too much impact on the mushy middle that we need to RRR (recruit, reform, re-energize), though. I assumed that the attitude that you exude on this blog carries over to other aspects of your life. I think its a fair assumption. I have difficulty believing that you can be so cynical on this blog and turn around and be really nice to people off of it. Maybe you are, and if so, I’ll lay off. But I’d have to see it.

    However, some will come across this blog. If I talk to my friends about it, or mention it to them as I do, they may come to this site and read the cynicism of people like you and remember why they did not want to be involved in politics. Its not going to happen on a widespread basis, but it will happen, and its not worth it to me to even lose ONE recruit because some member of our movement doesn’t know how to be cordial, even on a blog.

  6. Donkey Kong says:


    I think you sometimes have valid points. I will never tell you not to question. Questioning is good, we all need a healthy dose of skepticism. But its how you communicate that skepticism that is my problem with you. There is a productive way of dealing with it that produces REAL results. Bill, REAL RESULTS. Your attitude on this blog only hampers your ability to produce meaningful change in the party.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Umm…for the record, I have already help produce “meaningful change” in this party.

    I merely tire of the constant cycle of “Yea!-Yeah!-Yeah! We got our guys into office! Now we’ll see some REAL conservative principles applied” only to witness time and time again the complete failure of those elected folks.

    There’s only so many times I wish to engage in trying to educate people before I realize they are either:

    1) terminally ignorant…or
    2) terminally stupid and/or
    3) terminally corrupt, whether it is of a moral nature or an intellectual nature.

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