Wow. Harris County Is About To Grow

ImageI hope their infrastructure can handle what’s about to happen.

The Harris County Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval Wednesday of rezoning 1,100 acres off Interstate 185 at Ga. 315 for a planned community.

The recommendation to rezone the property from A-1 agricultural to Community Unit Planned Development came after about 75 minutes of presentation by developers of The Grove and comments pro and con from some of the 75 people attending the session in the Harris County Courthouse.

The houses will be in the $200,000.00 range, so we’re not talking tornado magnets. This should really be big news for Columbus, just south of Harris County, not to mention most of he I-85 Corridor.

The only down side to this is that the poor kids living there will be too close for comfort to Auburn.


  1. griftdrift says:

    Erick, you have to see the place to believe. I visit the area often. Houses built so close to each other that if a neighbor needs to borrow a cup of sugar they simply have to reach across to the next house and grab it. You don’t cut your grass with a lawnmower. All you need is a weedeater. Like I said, not my cup of tea but it works.

    Oh, and it’s a “private city”.

  2. Icarus says:

    I’ll put this here only because of somewhat similar geography.

    Long time Republican leader and activist Barbara Scruggs of Coweta County has passed away. She served 12 years as a Coweta County School Board member, but gave many more years of active service to Republican and conservative causes. I had the pleasure of working with her many times over the years, and she was a great lady. Coweta County is a better place because of her hard work, and she’ll be missed.

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