Shadiness in Augusta

For those who have been following the story of Marion Williams and Fred Russell et al, here’s a new twist:

Augusta Commissioner Marion Williams is refusing to answer investigators’ questions about information he has from City Administrator Fred Russell’s computer hard drive.

Williams took Russell’s hard drive and says he wants to see if anything was deleted. Interesting.


  1. Holly says:

    We all just keep reminding ourselves here that Marion Williams is on his second term and it’s over soon. Thank goodness.

  2. MountainThinker says:

    Frankly Erick, this post should have been titled (or at least sub-titled) “Par for the Course” Corruption and Augusta seem to go hand in hand…

  3. Jmac says:

    From Charles Walker to Linda Schrenko to Robin Williams to now this, it’s ridiculous down there.

    It’s about as dysfunctional of a local government out there, and they just need to clean house on their commission.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    Ah, Augusta……

    Living there DOES have benefits, for there is NOTHING one can do to embarrass oneself anywhere NEAR the place!

    * Town’s #1 celebrity was a wife and substance- abusing wildman who once crossed bridge at the state line with all 4 tires shot out and shredded tires smashing the side mirrors on his pickup. They erected a STATUE in his honor.

    * Totally disfunctional county commission/ city council. They ran 2 or 3 competent administrators off.

    *Marion Williams various escapades. Other commissioners’ bankruptcies.

    * Robin Williams
    * Linda Schrenko
    * Charles Walker
    * Linda Burmeister (money laundering for Schrenko)
    * (now) Ben Harbin

    * A world class golf tournament, which brings annual world ridicule of ‘trashy’ Washington Road in the vicinity, but whose governing body vetoes all upscale redevelopment in the vicinity.

    *Blueblood families trying to maintain centuries of control against rising black power. The turmoil sends folks fleeing to Evans, North Augusta, and Aiken.

    *#1 radio show by shock jock Austin Rhodes who has spurred months of protest by hurling racial insults and character assassination on the air, prompting major advertisers of Beasley Broadcasting to cancel their advertising.

    * The Billy Morris newspaper empire which never met a free market idea OR a government handout that it did not like – both at the same time.

    The place is a riot – sometimes literally!

    Apart from the escapades of the pols and celebs, it is not a bad place to live……..but one MUST have a SENSE OF HUMOR!

    It might not be the ultimate laughingstock of the world, but walking down Broad Street, one can almost hear the snickering from the surrounding communities.

  5. liberator says:

    james Brown had his problems but he was the Godfather of Soul along with Otis Redding. James was the best showman of all time. BTW for you native Augustians does the famous snake lady still do het thang at the Discotheque Lounge?

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